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In celebration of the recent changes KORITE has made to transform our brand, we are proud to have been featured in many magazines, trade publications and newspapers, such as 'Canadian Manufacturing'. Read below:

Korite, Canada's premier ammolite producer, announces brand transformation with launch of fall winter 2021/22 jewellery collection

KORITE International LP (KORITE), the world's luxury purveyor of ammolite, one of the most unique, rare and spectacular gemstones on earth, has released three new jewellery collections to celebrate the brand's recent transformation. The sought-after Starlight, Origins, and Radiant collections blend the raw beauty of Canadian ammolite with refined artistry to showcase this authentic and sustainable Canadian gemstone.

Created by nature over millions of years under perfect conditions, every KORITE piece is ethically mined and handcrafted by skilled artisans to create luxuriously Canadian treasures for the bold and adventurous. KORITE ammolite is found in only one place on earth, and no two pieces are exactly alike, making each a true statement piece.

Says David Lui, CEO and President of KORITE, "The world is ready to experience a new look and feel at KORITE and for our rare and unique ammolite pieces. Our new collections make our pieces more accessible to a broader audience. Mined ethically and sustainably in southern Alberta, choosing KORITE is about choosing to invest in a unique jewellery piece that is truly Canadian."

The collections are KORITE's first new product designs in three years and demonstrate a new and stylish approach towards showcasing the rare ammolite gemstones. Each collection has its own unique source of inspiration while possessing some of the same intricate details that are a part of KORITE's signature design standards. Bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings are available across the collections.

The new KORITE collection is now available for purchase at

A Collaborative Effort

Earlier this fall, KORITE launched a unique capsule collection in collaboration with Blackfoot Rocks & Gems owners, Troy and Lisa Knowlton. The limited-edition pieces proved popular, with 100 per cent of revenue donated to the Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society. More than $5,000 has gone towards empowering indigenous children and their families through culturally appropriate services that support self-pride and self-esteem.

Luxuriously Canadian Jewelry

Since 1979, KORITE has set the global standard for Ammolite, inspiring the world with the rarity and beauty of Canada's gemstone. Ammolite is one of the most unique, rare and spectacular gems on Earth.

The gemstone is only found in southern Alberta where expert miners use highly ethical and sustainable practices to unearth it and reclaim the land afterwards. As the industry originators, KORITE has developed a roster of skilled artisans to create the extraordinarily rare Canadian jewellery.

Ammolite is the last gemstone to be recognized in the past 300 years and is among the rarest, placing it alongside Opal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Ammolite Energy

Many Feng Shui masters and energy healers believe Ammolite absorbs the knowledge of the universe. Its spiral pattern mimics the Fibonacci sequence, or golden spiral, which replicates the path the universe's forces follow in space. Stored in the inner whorls, energy radiates out for the benefit of the wearer and those nearby. Cosmic energy in this form enhances health, wealth, creativity, energy and enlightenment.

About KORITE International LP

KORITE is vertically integrated, from operating the largest commercial ammolite mine in the world to designing, manufacturing and selling fine jewellery and art in more than 28 countries. The company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and sales professionals stand by the quality and professionalism of every aspect of its international operations. Designed by nature and refined by KORITE. Luxuriously Canadian ammolite for the world.