Announcing our Collaboration with Blackfoot Rocks & Gems!

Here at KORITE, we are always eager to appreciate the complex and diverse world of Ammolite, and those who truly honor the beauty and provenance of this unique gemstone. We feel that nobody does this better than Troy and Lisa - owners of Blackfoot Rocks & Gems, who we invited to KORITE headquarters in Calgary, Alberta to work with us on a limited-edition collaboration. 100% of revenue from this collection will be donated to Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society, supporting local Indigenous children of Southern Alberta!

The goal of the Opokaa'sin Early Intervention Society is to be an organization dedicated to a healthy community where Indigenous people, through family, community and cultural support, reflect pride, respect and self-esteem in realizing their individual potential. They empower Aboriginal children, youth and families, develop and deliver culturally appropriate services, and provide early intervention and support to Aboriginal youth. 
 Troy Knowlton is a proud Piikani nation member, ceremonialist, and life long hunter. He and his wife Lisa sat down to offer us a mesmerizing session of sharing stories - illuminating personal connections with Ammolite, the origins of Blackfoot Rocks & Gems, and the Blackfoot people’s ancient ties to Ammolite and the 'Buffalo Stone'. KORITE has a deep history with Troy, spanning 10 years of trading Ammolite stones - and we are eager to bring awareness to the wonderful work Blackfoot Rocks & Gems does with Ammolite.
Our collaboration with Blackfoot Rocks & Gems has led KORITE to commission the creation of 10 individual, hand-wrapped pieces of Ammolite jewelry. These pendants use Ammolite sourced from KORITE’s highest quality reserves, each stone selected carefully to be included. 

 Each piece is wrapped in Sterling Silver wire by hand by Lisa, who was kind enough to let us document the process so we can show you the complex, labour-intensive skill that is required to craft such breathtaking pendants. This special collaboration represents KORITE's appreciation of the Blackfoot people's heritage and connection to Canadian Ammolite. Each piece is entirely one-of-a-kind, featuring KORITE Ammolite, wrapped and set by hand by Blackfoot Rocks & Gems to create unique works of art in an extremely limited collection. Prices range from $650-850 CAD, with 100% of the proceeds donated to charity! Be sure to shop the capsule collection here!


Watch an excerpt of our interview with Blackfoot Rocks & Gems below:

Land Acknowledgement

KORITE would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge land on which KORITE operates and mines Ammolite and Ammonites is Siksikaitsitapi (Blackfoot Territory) and the traditional territory of the Siksika (Blackfoot), Kainai (Blood), Peigan Piikani (North), Aamskapi Pikuni (South). KORITE is committed to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.
We would further like to highlight and acknowledge the cultural significance of the Iniskim (Buffalo Stone) to the traditional inhabitants and encourage all Ammolite owners to learn the legend of the stone to understand the historical link between Ammolite, Ammonites, Baculites and the Blackfoot people.

Video Transcript:
Blackfoot Rocks & Gems was formed about 12 years ago. The stones are all found on Blackfoot traditional territory. So we do this together - I look for the stones, prepare them - and Lisa does the wrapping and all of our marketing. She’s the voice and face of Blackfoot Rocks & Gems. 
The Buffalo Stone is a segment of the Ammonite or the Baculite. It’s a religious artifact, used by Blackfoot people for over a thousand years. It was given to the Blackfoot people as a source of assistance during a time of hardship. And the stone, when it comes apart, resembles a Buffalo. It came to supply food, shelter, and clothing - because that’s what the Buffalo brought to us. Our teepees, our food, and our clothes. But today songs are sung and ceremonies are conducted, and the Buffalo Stone is an integral part of the Blackfoot life. 
The spiritual part of it - it’s really protective, it’s really grounding. The spirituality is so strong that it lives today. And Lisa and I have been given the transfer rights, to tell the stories and sing the songs. You wanna think about all the Indigenous peoples in the world, how we’re all connected to the earth - that’s the blessing behind what we do. 
It’s Opokaa'sin - it’s a kindergarten, four and five, and they incorporate a lot of culture and language in there, but also what’s needed for the academics for them to move to grade one.
I feel so blessed to be able, just to create from my spirit, and create something that is unique to Blackfoot Rocks & Gems.
 Source for some included footage/further information: Ammolite - Gem of the West’