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Korite Ammolite is an exclusive gemstone, extremely rare and extraordinarily precious. Speckled in an array of vivid hues, our genuine Ammolite gemstone jewellery is a work of art meant to be worn.

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"OUR KORITE AMMOLITE JOURNEY ... While visiting Georgetown, Grand Cayman we came across KORITE Ammolite in one of the shops and to learn it was mined in Alberta! In June we decided to take a trip through Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise and Calgary, searching for an ammolite for my milestone birthday gift for July 20. We found the KORITE "Paris" 26 x 5 pendant in Banff, but not to rush, because we still had an Alaska cruise with stops in Sitka, Juneau, and Ketchikan in July. We only admired the ammolite there, because we were totally focused on KORITE.! Finally we ordered the KORITE "Paris" from Ammolite in the Rockies, in Banff, with overnight shipping and by 1PM the next day, my pendant was in our possession in Langley, BC! Once we found KORITE 'Paris" in Banff, looking further, nothing compared! Gotta love this pendant eh!"

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Ammolite originates from prehistoric marine fossils that date back 71-million years. Tectonic pressure, heat, and mineralization formed the gemstone, mined by KORITE.

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Certified KORITE products are celebrated globally for naturally captivating colour and layers of vibrant iridescence set in precious jewellery and interiors.

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KORITE transforms jewellery and decor pieces into head-turners, conversation starters, and breathtaking designer statements that celebrate rare and exotic natural beauty.

Korite International

the largest, most trusted source for the world’s finest Ammolite Jewellery.

Since 1979, the company, its discovery team, craftspeople, designers and industry experts celebrate the beauty of ammolite.

From responsible mining at its award-winning excavation to finished jewellery and decor statement pieces sold around the world, the company stands by quality and professional confidence at every stage of its International operations. We have now become one of the most loved and respected coloured gemstone companies, with a far-reaching signature jewellery brand.

KORITE ammolite is carefully designed in Calgary, Alberta for local and international sales by authorized designers and retail partners. KORITE jewellery and decor treasures are now available in more than 28 countries!

Did you know?

The Energy of Ammolite

Korite ammonite is revered by feng shui masters as the most influential stone of the Millennium. It is believed anyone possessing Ammolite is entitled to wondrous prosperity and fortune.


As rare as they are beautiful, all Ammolite gems are one of a kind – unique in brilliance, colour and pattern. Given official gemstone status in 1981, Ammolite is truly a wonder of nature.


Grace, elegance and luxury best describes our collections. Delicate, dignified designs that are fashionable and dazzling.


The colour present in Ammolite is caused by light interference during refraction into the many layers of the gemstone. Each colour in Ammolite represents a different layer of the gem material.

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