New Designs

For the First time in Three years KORITE will be unveiling new product designs. 

Coming This October

Since 1979 KORITE has set the global standard for Ammolite, inspiring the world with the rarity and beauty of Canada's Gemstone. In 2021 we are proud to announce new KORITE designs for the first time in three years. Each piece of Ammolite will be unique and hand selected, in limited quantity. 

KORITE Starlight

Inspired by the Cosmos and mythology, this line focuses on stars and trillion shapes to bring a modern aesthetic to the world of Ammolite. Featuring several rings, earrings and pendants, and set in Gold Vermeil, each piece is centered around a brilliant piece of hand selected gem grade Ammolite of the highest quality.

KORITE Radiant

The incorporation of complementary gemstones allows natural Ammolite to shine through uniquely. The collection is adorned with Citrines, Garnets, and Topaz to make statement pieces like no other. Clad in gold vermeil and paired with the highest grade Ammolite, this collection is sure to make for tremendous gifts this coming holiday season.

KORITE Origins

Inspired by the complex textures of Ammolite, including a signature backing design. These elements culminate to highlight the Ammonite - the 71 million year old origin of the Ammolite gemstone. With various pendants, rings and earrings to choose from, this line is designed to display Ammolite in its most bold and natural form, and will catapult Ammolite jewellery into modern times.

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