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Jewellery that presents the world’s most dramatic
coloured gems with style and intrigue, KORITE is renowned for rare, timeless beauty.

Canada’s Natural Gemstone

Uniquely Albertan

Authentic KORITE ammolite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage. KORITE works closely with provincial environmental officials to ensure that the land is restored to its natural state and is improved during the reclamation process.

KORITE Ammolite continues the tradition of new product direction and inspired designs with its hallmark trade statement, “Rare Precious and Exotic”, which follows in the footsteps of its founders’ vision and has made KORITE the world leader in Ammonite.

Korite in the News

KORITE continues to announce exciting milestones for the company, its affiliates, and dealers. Please take a look at our news section to stay up-to-date.

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