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These timeless gifts make amazing heirlooms or souvenirs worth remembering. Carefully handcrafted and value priced with unique design make them the perfect idea for unique gift giving or a personal reward.

Korite Gifts

Find the perfect present.

Subtly romantic and endlessly beautiful, Korite Ammolite Gifts captures the profound splendor of genuine Ammolite in vivid display of its full spectrum of colours and incredible luster.

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Let us be your guide in finding the exceptional anniversary gift for him or for her.

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Quality Precision and Thoughtful design

KORITE, along with our in-house designers, partners with world-class artisans including Canadian and international designers to maintain the quality and integrity of our jewellery.

Why Choose Korite?

The largest, most trusted source for the world’s finest Ammolite.

We are passionately bringing the story of KORITE Ammolite to the World. Dedicated to excellence in all that we do, we are proud of our rich heritage, our world-class products, our innovation, and our growing company.


Experience KORITE Ammolite’s premier collections of jewellery in captivating proprietary designs. Profoundly brilliant, the vibrancy in colour stands out.


KORITE ammonite is revered by feng shui masters as the most influential stone of the Millennium.


KORITE exceeds the standards set for reclamation in Alberta, and the company is dedicated to preserving the landscape and restoring the area to its natural state.

Find the right Korite Ammolite for you.

Shop fine jewellery for men and women from the Korite Ammolite Collections. Korite features intricate artisan designs wrapped around the captivating brilliance of pure Ammolite in a spectacular show of its diverse spectrum.

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