Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year

Embrace the Chinese New Year in style with exquisite ammolite jewellery.

Ammonite Fossils: Your Lucky New Year Charm

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with a unique and exceptional gift – an ammonite fossil! Many consider this ancient stone as a symbol of good luck and prosperity! Additionally, its spiral design signifies a connection to the Earth's energy, providing a sense of stability and grounding. Treat yourself to something truly special and one-of-a-kind!

FREE Ammonite Trinket Tray

Receive a free ammonite trinket dish as a special gift when you spend $350 or more.

Ammonites are known to bring good luck and symbolize wealth. Allow this trinket tray to bring prosperity into your life!

Introducing the Imperial Collection

The Imperial Collection is an ode to the Year of the Dragon. Crafted with courage and strength in mind, each piece features stunning dragon scale ammolite.