What we have been up to

Korite has been lucky to begin 2019 with a number of exciting events and shows, ranging across North America.

In just the first couple weeks of this month we have been fortunate enough to host a trunk show with Macy’s in Oregon, participate in the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, Sponsor the Sien Lok 50thAnnual Chinese New Year party, host the Life in Calgary Instagram Takeover right here in our hometown, and launch new jewellery pieces on The Shopping Channel here in Canada.

While participating in these events and shows, selling and showcasing both our jewellery and our ammonites, our goal is to not only display but also educate our customers on our brand, what we represent and how we conduct business.

We are proud to ethically mine and source all of our stones, as well as handcraft our jewellery, so this is something we want to tell the world about.

As an international business with a small business mindset, we want to take you behind the scenes of our company, show you our roots and our vision, and create a sense of family for you when you interact with our brand.

Macy’s Trunk Show:

Our Macy’s trunk shows are one day only events that we hold across the United States. This Macy’s show was held in Valley River, Eugene, Oregon and was wildly successful. Our Trunk Shows allow us to display and sell an array of exquisite Korite jewellery pieces at fantastic prices. The pop-up style shop allows our experts to educate shoppers on the rarity of Korite Ammolite while showcasing a limited quantity of some of our most exclusive pieces.

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show:

The Tucson Gem and Mineral show is a grouping of more than 50 separate shows that overlap in dates. We basically take over the whole city for approximately a month in Tucson, Arizona! These trade shows showcase gems, minerals, fossils, and so much more from everywhere in the world! ( there are even some amazing pieces from outside our world on display) KORITE has been participating in the show for over 30 years!

This year we displayed an incredible array of Canadian ammonites, Ammolite jewellery, mammoth tusks and select fossils from around the globe. We were also partnered with Euro Fossils this year and had some remarkable fossils from Germany in our display.

Sien Lok 50thAnnual Chinese New Year Party:

We rang in the Chinese New Year and year of the Pig with Sien Lok Society this month as one of their event sponsors.

Sien Lok is an invested group of individuals who are dedicated to preserving Chinese and Chinese Canadian culture in Calgary, one of their notable events being their broadly recognized annual New Year’s party.

We felt lucky to not only attend but also sponsor the widely renowned event in Calgary, alongside honourable guests such as our city mayor.

Life in Calgary Takeover:

During the first week of February, we were fortunate to do an Instagram takeover in our base city of Calgary, Alberta.

@LifeinCalgary is a commonly known Instagram account that has different businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers take over their Instagram account on a weekly basis to promote what they do and recognize the economic and cultural prosperity of the city of Calgary.

Through our takeover, we had an enjoyable time sharing our story with our local audience, as well as partaking in different local events and even hosting a jewellery giveaway.

The Shopping Channel JewelleryLaunch:

We were so excited to launch a new ring with our partners at The Shopping Channel a few weeks ago. This never seen before design was a remarkable hit and we are grateful for all of those who tuned in for the launch.