Vibrant Nostalgia – Korites Color Spectrum Association with Canadian Landscapes

Summertime is here, the sun is shining, and flowers are in bloom. At Korite, we are inspired by the bright blooms and exquisite terrain of the summer months in Canada. After months of cold, snow and many grey days, our summers are a refreshing change. From the Rocky Mountains to the vast wheat fields, you will find the colours of the Ammolite gem amongst our Canadian terrain.

Many of the KORITE Ammolite colours reflect the bright summer blooms of our country. When you look at the Korite stone, you can see some of our beautiful Canadian environmental attributes reflected in the colour of the stone. Each gem has a unique array and pattern of colours, varying in brilliance and iridescence; each wearer of the Ammolite gem will experience a unique story or feeling of energy in their gem.

The Colour Spectrum:

The Ammolite blues and purples could be compared to our Canadian lakes and rivers. Precious bodies of water, found in abundance across Canadian terrain. The Ammolite gemstone will sparkle in a new way every time the light hits the stone, just like the water; an expression of tranquillity, serenity and peacefulness. The colours found in the stone will give you comfort and confidence, guiding you along the way as you embark on your life journey. The stone will offer you release and relaxation; clarifying and clearing the mind.

The greens found in the Ammolite gem are like a forest; lush, vibrant and unique to the stone. Canadian forests are abundant among our land, but each forest, tree and leaf has its history, story, and greenery; similar to the exquisite Ammolite. In each of our stones, you will find that the green colours are unique to your special gem. There is an array of stunning green tones that sparkle among our Ammolite gems. Ranging from bright and shining, rich and emerald, to dark and lustrous, the green tones in Ammolite stones are one of a kind and found only in the extremely rare ammonite specimens.

We like to compare the reds, oranges and yellow colours found in the gem to the blooming flowers and/or majestic sunrises and sunsets. The colours of the stone reflect upon how the sun hits it. Like a sunrise or sunset, these colours will look different every day and offer a feeling of renewed energy.
Once again, the Ammolite stone displays rich demonstrations of all of these stunning colours, each unique to the unique gem. The stone will ground the wearer, uniting them with themselves as well as those individuals close and important to them.

When mining, refining, classifying and constructing our Korite jewelry, our unbelievable designers are incredibly considerate of the colours of each exquisite Korite gemstone. Each stone is 100% a unique and is special to the person who wears its. Ammolite is said to enhance the wearer’s well-being supplying energy to express one’s innate power. Each stone is hand-cut and placed. The precious Ammolite stone is incredibly special, unique and rare, and therefore we handle our stones with the utmost care.

What does your Ammolite gem mean to you, what do colours and patterns make you reminiscent of?