Our Top 5 Travel Jewellery Pieces


A frequent dilemma when going on vacation revolves around jewellery: deciding what to bring along. Selecting jewellery for your travels requires thoughtful consideration of both practicality and style. 

Dive into these five essential pieces tailored to elevate your adventures while effortlessly reflecting stylish elegance through your choice of accessories.

1. Origins Signet Ammolite Ring in Sterling Silver

The Origins Signet Ring serves as a distinctive addition to your vacation wardrobe. It acts as a conversation starter with locals or fellow travelers, inviting curiosity about its design helping built connections with others. KORITE Ammolite's unique story which was 71 million years in the making is the perfect conversation starter. 

 2.Harmony Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver with Lapis

The Harmony Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver with Lapis is the perfect jewellery piece to accompany you on your next vacation, boasting a captivating blend of beauty and elegance. Ammolite and lapis are renowned for their vibrant colours and distinctive patterns, infuse this pendant with a natural allure that enhances your vacation wardrobe with a touch of timeless charm.

3. Starlight Trillion Ammolite Earrings in 18k Gold Vermeil

The Starlight Trillion Ammolite Earrings in 18k Gold Vermeil are the ultimate holiday accessory, offering both versatility and luxurious style. Their timeless design seamlessly transitions from casual poolside lounging to elegant formal dinners, effortlessly complementing various outfits and activities. 

4. Solstice Ammolite Ring in 18K Gold

The Solstice Ammolite Ring in 18K Gold is a radiant addition to your holiday wardrobe, embodying the warmth of sunlight and evoking nostalgic joy. Its design mirrors the rays of sunlight enveloping a smooth flash of colour, reminiscent of cherished memories. This ring seamlessly transitions from day to night, making it perfect for any vacation occasion. 

5. Barre Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver

The Barre Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver is an ideal vacation accessory for its graceful design and symbolic representation of tranquility. Its compact and lightweight nature makes it easy to pack, while its versatility ensures it complements various vacation outfits effortlessly. The pendant's unique beauty is bound to spark conversations, providing opportunities for cultural exchange.


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