New Additions And New Regions

Moving quickly, building on our plan

We are a number of weeks into 2021 and KORITE is energized with what we have seen and accomplished so far.  There’s a great vibe and momentum all around. It wasn’t going to be easy crossing the Grand-Canyon of COVID,  but our team has embraced this challenge in so many ways that is both amazing and unbelievable.

Our success cannot be achieved without having this great team. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to announce a few changes to the team, including a new team member, to support our growth.

Lucia Loffreda as KORITE’s Customer Success Manager.  Lucia will continue to play a pivotal role in our retail channels and customer service but also have expanded responsibilities to be involved in many aspects of our business.

Evan Kovacs will be our Mine Foreman taking over the day to day operations of our mining. Evan will play a key role in our mining operations and the future success of KORITE.

John Issa with a new title as KORITE’s Art and Fossil Manager. This expanded title more closely represents the vast knowledge and expertise that John continues to bring to the table for our customers.

We also welcome Michael De Sadeleer in a new role as KORITE’s Brand & Sales Ambassador. Michael has enjoyed successful careers in the hospitality industry, Acting in Commercials, TV & Film. His last 24 years have been spent either on travelling the world on Cruise Ships as a Deputy Cruise Director, Port & Shopping Lecturer and Loyalty Club Ambassador or in Sales, Marketing & Training for several retailers and duty-free retailers. Based in Nova Scotia, Michael’s addition to the team will expand KORITE’s team presence across Canada.

We welcome our new team member and congratulate the team on their advances and successes.