Seely Collection - Spotlight

KORITE is happy to present a showcase on our esteemed and sought-after Seely collection, designed by none other than renowned jewelry designer Martha Seely! 

The Seely collection spans a stunning range of modern pendants, rings and earrings, featuring some of KORITE’s highest grade Ammolite set in 14K white or yellow gold.  

Seely designed pieces can best be described as contemporary, sensible, and inspired. The result is chic jewelry that does not follow trends, but starts them.

Martha Seely earned her MFA in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon University and launched her design career. She cut her teeth as a costume designer and wardrobe stylist for theater, film and television. After years of creating clothes for commercials, television shows and independent movies, Seely turned to jewelry and accessories, creating unique designs from the heart, capturing the interest and desire of many esteemed collectors. 

Seely’s collections reflect Scandinavian minimalist design language while paying homage to celestial bodies and astral phenomenon, from stars and nebulae to complex cirrus clouds. These shapes and motifs serve to highlight the natural splendor of genuine Canadian KORITE Ammolite in every setting. 

Her work in jewelry and metal evolved through training begun in 2007. Seely studied with master jewelers. A future-reaching design vision pushed her to approach jewelry from a digital standpoint, using Computer Assisted Design techniques to approach new and untapped avenues of creativity. 

Since 2012 her work has been sold in galleries, retail venues and at events. In 2016, she was chosen to be a Rising Star in the JCK Las Vegas Show. Her jewelry continues to win awards and accolades from the jewelry fashion press.

Explore the collection on our designer collaboration page, and marvel at the beauty of KORITE ammolite paired with the timeless designs of Martha Seely.