Live-streaming Brands

Over the past numbers of years, and certainly since Covid-19, brands and companies have been looking for new ways to connect with consumers. When Covid-19 began and spread across our globe it brought with it closure of many retail centres and significant impact on local, national and international brands.


How do we continue to create experiences with consumers while not being able to physically gather? Enter the rise of live-streaming.

Alibaba Group’s TaoBao live platform has seen growth of over 100% year-over-year and it is no surprise. “At KORITE, the ability to engage and tell our rare and unique story with the Chinese consumer is very important. We bring to them the rarest gemstone in the world found only in our mine in southern Alberta”, commented Korite’s CEO, David Lui. Other brands share similar comments. “We can introduce new products, we can talk about different features, optimize the brand story,” said Max Bissell, director of Bissell. “That’s really been a powerful aspect for us. It can also be done on a shoestring budget.”


Our top three tips for using live-streaming are:

  1. Constantly engage your audience and keep the conversation going.
  2. Invite content collaborators on your show.
  3. Test and learn on the platform and introduce new and exciting stories and products.

For more insight on the live-streaming, see this article from Alibaba Group’s Alizila news platform.