Korite and The Shopping Channel Live Show

Korite is so excited to be pairing with The Shopping Channel for our LIVE show, showcasing a brand new, never seen before jewelry piece designed specifically for the show. Korite is lucky to have an incredible relationship with TSC which has developed over many many years of us working together.

Through The Shopping Channel, we have had the opportunity to showcase custom, one of a kind jewelry pieces at an outstanding price. Our live shows offer viewers the opportunity to learn about the extensive history of Korite Ammolite and view some of our beautiful “show-stopping” pieces. Our new show will be premiering on March 11th, 12th and 13th, 2020 on TSC. Our beautiful host, Lucy, will be sharing, showcasing and educating about this stunning new piece. Please find a list of the LIVE showtimes below.

Also, Check- https://korite.com/introducing-korite-ammonites-exquisite-collection/

All showtimes are in eastern time.

March 11th 2020: 10pm & 11pm EST
March 12thth 2020: 10am, 2pm, 5pm and 9pm EST
March 13th, 2020: 12 am EST

You do not want to miss this incredible TSC show!

Who we are at Korite:

Founded in 1979, with a dream of introducing the world to the stunningly vibrant and gorgeous colours of Ammolite, our humble beginnings quickly burst into the jewelry market as a Canadian wonder and treasure. As the top miner, manufacturer and producer of ammolite, KORITE has quietly become a leader in the industry; advocating as an ambassador of the rarity and distinct properties of this semi-precious gemstone. As our brand and vision expand, the story of Ammolite becomes stronger, revealing the heart and soul of our mission. KORITES vision is to share the beauty, wonderment, history and energy of this exceptional stone with the whole world. We believe in fostering a deep and energized connection with our consumers and viewers and sharing the story of ammolite with the world.

Korite strives to continue to be the #1 source of Ammolite jewelry and ammolite in the world, practicing ethical mining, handcraftsmanship and providing our customers with unprecedented quality and service.

Why we have partnered with TSC:

Our long outstanding relationship dates back with TSC for over ten years. As a trusted partner, TSC offers viewers the incredible opportunity to learn and shop ammolite from a trusted supplier, at an incomparable industry price. For our live shows, we always offer a brand new, never seen before a piece of jewelry that is exclusive to the show, this piece is known as our Showstopper. We offer limited quantities of this piece of jewelry and almost always sell out.