Introducing KORITE's Curated Holiday Sets


The Holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to build your winter outfits and prepare for all those warm and toasty winter events! We at KORITE might be a little biased, but we think Canadian ammolite gemstones are the best way to set your Holiday outfits alight with beauty! And what’s more, we’ve compiled some beautiful Holiday sets, bringing together harmonious matching jewelry from our newest collections.

Canadian Ammolite from the Origins Collection

Whether you’re looking for commanding opulence, or a low-key subtlety, KORITE ammolite jewelry is sure to satisfy your unique tastes. First, let’s dive into the curated sets drawn from the Origins collection; a celebration of ammolite’s heritage and the ancient history of the ammolite gemstone. The Origins collection is all about exciting textures that highlight the beauty of large, unfaceted ammolite gemstones. The entire collection is set in 925 sterling silver, which allows the ammolite to shine on its own. The cushion set is the first Origins set, which features a unique soft cushion cut on the ammolite gemstone, set in an understated yet luxurious ring and pendant. This is a spectacular set to highlight the specific ammolite gemstone chosen for each piece, whether you opt for A grade or extremely rare and sought-after AA grade, this set will allow you to truly appreciate the gemstone. Another set which makes ammolite gemstones the star is the round cut Origins set, which features clean, round cut ammolite. The chain link earrings in particular make use of one of KORITE’s signature design details; the chainlink design. This chainlink design is also present in both pieces from our final Origins set. The chainlink bracelet and necklace are the ultimate in bold ammolite design. Take note of KORITE’s signature ribbed texture, which evokes imagery of the Ammonite fossil, the origin of the ammolite gemstone. 

Starlight Collection for the Ammolite Jewelry Lover

Next up, we explore the sets of the Starlight collection. In this collection, we feature two sets of deeply luxurious ammolite jewelry, with all pieces set in nothing but the finest 18K gold vermeil. The Starlight collection is chock full of statement pieces that turn heads and attract well-deserved attention. The trillion Starlight set features our contemporary faceting on trillion-cut ammolite gemstones, with a ring and matching pendant. The complex, expertly faceted surface of the stone allows light to interact with the colors of the ammolite from many angles. The accented white topaz illuminates the ammolite gemstone and allows the mind to wander in thoughts of celestial bodies and the diffusing light of stars. This continues with our second starlight jewelry set, this time featuring the additional diffusing design detail which manifests in a removable earring jacket, and a doubled ‘rays-of-light’ motif interacting with the ammolite gemstone on the matching ring. 

Ammolite Gift Sets from the Radiant Collection

Finally, the Radiant collection rounds off our curated sets with a bountiful celebration of the warmth and gathering of the winter seasons. In a uniquely Canadian style, KORITE has chosen to pair complimentary gemstones such as garnet and citrine with natural ammolite to highlight the warmer color spectrum present in the ammolite gemstone. Our first matching pair is a perfect example of this principle, featuring our station necklace and drop earrings. Large, playfully arranged gemstones allow the eyes to follow a natural journey across the piece, appreciating the contrast and beauty of each setting. Next, the cluster set represents the most inviting and splendid approach to the Radiant collection, making use of a contemporary and highly popular cluster design to align the gemstones in a pleasing cornucopia of color and brilliance. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into KORITE’s gift guide for yourself and find the best ammolite jewelry for everyone on your list this Holiday season. And don’t worry - if you want to keep the jewelry all for yourself, we won’t tell…