KORITE’s Guide to Caring for Your Ammolite

So, you just got your newest piece of Ammolite jewellery, and you’re (understandably) taken aback by just how beautiful it is! KORITE is here to help you make sure it stays that way for many years to come.
Caring for Ammolite is not difficult, although it is a unique gemstone and does require some special awareness to maintain its integrity and beauty. 
By reading and following the information KORITE has provided in this blog, you can rest easy knowing your Ammolite jewellery will continue to display every flash of color and sparkle you've come to love it for. 

Tell me More!

In its raw form, Ammolite is a soft gemstone with a 3.5 - 4 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. KORITE Ammolite is not treated to enhance the color or appearance in any way. Ammolite’s all-natural, 100% genuine show of color is its most distinctive and proud feature. However, a protective crystal or quartz cap is often applied to protect the raw Ammolite gem, increasing the hardness to 7. Even with this protection, you should remove your Ammolite jewellery before performing strenuous activities where you may perspire on the jewellery, scratch or damage it. These sorts of activities could expose the gemstone or quartz cap to hard impacts, which can also cause damage. 
Additionally, avoid exposing your Ammolite jewellery to heat or steam - this could cause the stone to de-laminate or separate from its setting. This means that you should be careful to avoid steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. If you wash your hands often, we recommend that you remove your Ammolite ring before over-exposing it to water. Harsh chemicals, including hand sanitizers, can also lead to separation of the stone. Ammolite is a naturally occurring organic gemstone, similarly delicate to pearls and mother-of-pearl, so be sure to treat it with TLC! 

Tips & Tricks

As with any of your other jewellery, minimizing wear and scratches is important, so store each piece of KORITE jewellery separately in a jewellery box or padded container. Ammolite jewellery is best cleaned gently, with a slightly damp microfiber or other soft cloth. A mild soap may be used. It is also a good idea to take your Ammolite jewellery to a professional jeweler to be inspected and cleaned. You should do this as you notice your jewellery needs cleaning or special attention.
If you notice any concerning damage or change in the appearance of your KORITE Ammolite gemstone, do not hesitate to contact us! KORITE offers a lifetime guarantee on all of our pieces, and we will be happy to work with you on the best way to repair your jewellery. 
But don’t forget the most important thing about KORITE Ammolite jewellery - wearing it! Don’t be afraid to wear your KORITE Ammolite, and show off your unique taste and exquisite style with Canada’s gemstone.