Ammolite - The Rainbow Colored Gemstone

The Mysterious Ammolite Gemstone

Ammolite is one of earth's most beautiful treasures. It is rare, very beautiful and although it started out as an omen of good luck, it has grown in popularity since it was awarded its official gem status in 1981. If you like objects with an interesting origin, then Ammolite is going to be your favorite gemstone.   

Ammonites were prehistoric shellfish inhabiting the oceans when the earth had only one big continental mass. About 66 million years ago, Ammonites went extinct and several millennia had passed before P. intercalare and Placenticeras meeki (two species of Ammonite) turned into fossils. These were quite sought after by Indigenous Canadians, who were amazed by the beauty and variety of colors, and wore them as talismans of luck for hunting buffalos.  

Where Ammolite is Found

There are many places where Ammonites can be found. However, not all Ammonite fossils are gemstones. The process that the stone was exposed to, tells if it is just an interesting fossil or a rare and illustrious gemstone of great value. In order for the fossils to become Ammolite gemstones, the Ammonite has to have been buried very quickly, with no presence of oxygen and with protection from significant weight as well as heat. 

Canada has a small area in southern Alberta called the Bearpaw Formation that is the only known location where Ammolite gemstones can be found. All in all, the International Gem Society said that even in Alberta, only 5% of the Ammonite fossils found contain gemstone material. The scarcity of course gives it value, but as with most gems, price depends mostly on the colors. Since Ammolite can feature almost every color of the rainbow, blue and violet command a premium because those colors are the most difficult and rare to find.

Complexities of Canada's Gemstone

Brightness and texture also make the gem more valuable, Ammolite comes in many textures that give it different names. Fractured and sheet are the main textures, the first one similar to stained glass and the second is a continuous slab of one color. Each one has different specific variations. Dragon Skin, Moonglow and Paint Brush are some examples. Of course all the names come from the unique forms that the stone presents, for instance Dragon Skin appears to have scales.

Ammolite is now appreciated in several markets, where Jewellers design beautiful pieces that bring out every beautiful detail in them. Jewellers use polymers and assemble the stone into a doublet or triplet to protect the delicate surface of the stone, increasing its resistance to everyday use and simplifying the management of small pieces, so the use is as efficient as possible. Shale, black onyx or glass are used to make a doublet, a top layer of quartz forms a triplet. We at Korite Jewellery offer a lifetime guarantee for every piece we sell.  

The most complete examples of Ammolite are used as art pieces. Other examples are turned into earrings, pendants, rings, brooches and necklaces. Not only is Ammolite one of the rarest gemstones in the world, but it is also sought after by Feng Shui masters, it is said that several millennia of energy has been absorbed by it. Korite is an institution in Ammolite grading and has set standards for generations. Our Ammolite jewellery not only offers the stunning beauty of the stone and the gorgeous handcrafted design, but also gives you an amazing story to tell.