Ammolite Pendant Party

Curated Pendants – A selection of our Favourite Ammolite Pendants

Summer is in full swing! The season everyone’s been waiting for will be here and gone before we know it! Ammolite is one of those gemstones which seems to transcend the seasons with the rare brilliant blues and purples to represent winter and of course the sunny yellows, and fiery oranges and reds which are synonymous with Ammolite. Recently, the KORITE team curated a selection of pendants which we think do a good job of speaking to just this – The brilliant Ammolite which can help you stand-out, and express you as you are – Unique/One-of-a-kind.

Without further ado, lets get this pendant party started!

Sun inspired Ammolite Pendant

KORITE AMMOLITE | Gold Ammolite Pendant With Diamond Accent

Time to show off your true colours, with the complete rainbow inside this magnificent 14K gold Ammolite Pendant! Unique one of a kind colours shine from this AA grade Ammolite beauty!, featuring diamond accents this pendant is sure to turn heads and be the talk of the next cocktail party you attend

The Quintessential Malibu Pendant

KORITE AMMOLITE | Malibu Gold Ammolite Pendant

A timeless KORITE Ammolite classic complete with 14K gold, AA grade ammolite and accented with VS2 Diamonds. This piece has been a part of the KORITE offering for some time, and continues to be one of our top selling pendants given its brilliant Ammolite colour, timeless design and eye catching diamonds!

Long and lean, Neda Pendant

KORITE AMMOLITE | Neda Gold Ammolite Pendant

Another one of our timeless classics from KORITE. The Neda pendant brings a simplicity which really allows for the Ammolite to be the star of the show. 14K gold and A grade ammolite are sure to dazzle at your next formal event.

Simple and refined Ammolite

A simple Ammolite piece, like the Neda, but in a round form. A grade ammolite and silver make this an affordable option for anyone looking to expand their jewellery collection to include the wonders of Ammolite. And while this pendant sold out right away during our on-going Ammolite Pendant Sale! Look to the Irene as a suitable alternative for the budget savvy Ammolite buyer!

Blue Diamond Ammolite Beauty

KORITE AMMOLITE | Blue Diamond Ammolite Pendant

Anything but simple with our last pendant highlight! This rare ammolite pendant is set in sterling silver and accented with Blue diamonds that bring out the best in our KORITE ammolite! A real showstopper, and is sure to spark conversations and be the talk of your friend group!

Well that’s a wrap! This pendant Party is over, but be sure to check out our Pendant and Necklaces page to browse our wide selection of Ammolite pendants, from gold and silver in standard to AA grade. Oh, and did we mention until AUG 13th ALL our Korite Ammolite Pendants are on for 50% off!