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Korite Ammolite

KORITE ammolite is carefully set in its own Calgary, Alberta studio for local and international sales by authorized designers and retail partners.
KORITE jewellery and decor treasures are now available in more than 28 countries around the world.

Korite Ammolite

Bring out your true colours®.

We are passionately bringing the story of KORITE Ammolite to the World. Dedicated to excellence in all that we do, we are proud of our rich heritage, our world-class products, our innovation, and our growing company. Putting KORITE Ammolite on the world stage is the goal of all our fully engaged employees and worldwide partners who are loyal to the brand. They believe in our unwavering commitment to our environmental standards, social support, and our goal of presenting the rare, precious and exotic gemstone KORITE Ammolite to the World.

The Story

KORITE is the largest, most trusted source for the world’s finest Ammolite.

In 1979 Rene Vandevelde an entrepreneur with a business degree and a passion for paleontology purchased a young company from the Kormos family and called the company he founded, KORITE.

Rene’s vision was to introduce the world to the beautiful and captivating Ammolite. Discovered in 1906 by the Geological Survey of Canada. Rene had heard about Ammolite or the famous “Buffalo stone”, as it was also known by the indigenous people.

Folklore stated that the Stone was brought to their village by an Indian Princess and the next day the Buffalo returned to their hunting ground. The legend of Ammolite begins here.

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Rene saw this vibrant colourful stone with this special energy force, as a precious product of Alberta, Canada. He began taking the product to market in Banff, Jasper and other markets in Canada. And so began, his quest to have the stone accepted as the truly rare and exotic gemstone it is today. His diligence and success paid off in 1981, when the CJBO (world governing body for precious stone categorization) accepted Ammolite, along with two other stones.

The Energy Stone

Ammolite & Feng Shui

The story of the energy stone or spirit stone continues when world-renowned Feng Shui Master Edward Li Kui Ming, visited the KORITE mine. While there, Mr. Li, directed the mining operations to a specific spot where he felt a strong energy force. This area became the highest discovery in the mine and was named the Edward Li Zone. Since this time Mr. Li and Mr. Wilson Yip, one of the owners of KORITE, started a friendship and relationship that has lasted for decades. Mr. Li continues to use KORITE Ammolite gemstone in helping add energy and luck to those that follow his teachings promoting his ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui.

“Korite Ammolite is the Feng Shui stone of the Millennium, and anyone that possesses Ammolite is entitled to wondrous prosperity and good fortune.”

– Feng Shui Master Edward Li Kui Ming –

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From the Gemological Institute of America

This article describes the history of Ammolite as a gem material and the geologic setting of the main producing mines; offers an explanation for the formation of Ammolite and the origin of its color (i.e., iridescence caused by an interference phenomenon); presents production data, gemological properties, and a grading classification; and describes the manufacturing process.

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KORITE Ammolite is the last of the gemstones accepted in the past 300 years and certainly amongst the rarest of its peers, Ruby, Opal, Sapphire, and Emeralds.

Having achieved his goal, Rene and his management team, embarked on a journey to bring the Ammolite gemstone to the world. His first steps were to secure all the world supply and acquired 90% of all raw supply. He moved KORITE operations to Calgary and set up manufacturing and a head office there, as well as three other international factories, to service their quickly growing market. Currently, the production of KORITE Ammolite creates employment of over 100 people worldwide.

Our Passion

Since Rene Vandevelde passed on, diligent management and new ownership has adhered to his vision and have passionately carried on that with great success. Rene had a great passion as an outdoorsman, which led the company to be very environmentally conscious in all they do.

KORITE continues this important company philosophy and tradition and is now formally recognized for their environmental stewardship and social responsibility, giving back in many other ways.

KORITE’S leadership in the environmental protection of the world’s only year-round active Ammolite mine is reflected in its quality, craftsmanship and design, and is now sold in over 25 countries around the world.

Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

Unrivalled, KORITE’S products are backed by their industry leading, unconditional lifetime warranty and product registration.

Ethical Mining

Korite exceeds environmental standards

Rough Mined Ammolite

KORITE works closely with provincial environmental officials to ensure that the land is restored to its natural state and is improved during the reclamation process. KORITE will continue to set the Ammolite Industry standard in environmental mining practices. Authentic KORITE ammolite is ethically mined and certified by the Federal Department of Canadian Heritage.

KORITE is established as a preferred trading partner by retailers worldwide, which combined; deliver an estimated one billion dollars in sales. Ongoing partnerships and business development opportunities with KORITE Ammolite are due in no small part to its ethical mining practices, trust, transparency, teamwork, and diversity. These principles, along with our passionate employees who deliver world-class craftsmanship every day to make a better product, is what makes KORITE Ammolite more than a precious gemstone.

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KORITE Ammolite continues the tradition of new product direction and inspired designs with its hallmark trade statement, “Rare Precious and Exotic”, which follows in the footsteps of its founders’ vision and has made KORITE the world leader in Ammonite.