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Korite Ammolite

Distinctive jewellery asserts a sense of exceptional craftsmanship and luxury materials. The Korite Ammolite Collections are accentuated by the bold colour spectrum and exclusive rarity of genuine Ammolite gemstones.

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Dress yourself in beautiful feng shui jewellery from the Korite Collections and experience the energies owned by Ammolite and its full spectrum of colours that create its dynamic radiance.

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Find the right Korite Ammolite for you.

Shop fine jewellery for men and women from the Korite Ammolite Collections. Korite features intricate artisan designs wrapped around the captivating brilliance of pure Ammolite in a spectacular show of its diverse spectrum.

What is Ammolite

The Korite Gem

KORITE ammonite is revered by feng shui masters as the most influential stone of the Millennium.

Ammolite originates from prehistoric marine fossils that date back 71-million years. Tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization formed the gemstone, almost exclusively harvested by KORITE.

KORITE discovers and hand cuts the ammolite gem to maximize the inherently bright colours. The luminous colour in each gem is unique. Multiple layers of the natural gemstone material create a beautiful array of colour.

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