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Lenora Sterling Silver Triangle Ring by Korite Ammolite

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A stone like Ammolite requires no further adornment. This straightforward silver Lenora Ring By Korite Ammolite sets the spotlight directly on the vivid array of pure colour claimed by genuine Ammolite. Rare and precious, Ammolite is a stone of healing, energy and good fortune with a heirloom quality with a mining life quickly coming to its end. To own a piece of Korite Ammolite jewellery is to own a piece of history.

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6, 7, 8



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Please note: We have tried to represent the product as close to the original. However, due to the unique nature of Ammolite - The colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual product. All stones used in our handcrafted jewellery are one of a kind!


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