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Korite Ammolite | Polished Freeform 2

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In stock

  • You’re getting a one of a kind piece paired with a black protective viewing case.
  • Every single hand specimen is unique, no two are alike!
  • Colored Ammonite free forms are found only in one small pocket of Southern Alberta, Canada do you see a special type of preservation where the outer nacre is preserved and transformed into a gemstone known as ammolite.
  • The Ammonite hand specimens come from the Korite mine. Korite operates the largest active ammolite mine in the world and collect our ammonites from the banks of the St. Mary’s river in southern Alberta, Canada just north of the Canada-USA border.
  • Seventy-one million years of tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization have resulted in the formation of this geological wonder.
  • The colours present in Canadian ammonites and ammolite hand specimens are caused by light interference during refraction into the many layers of the fossil.  Each colour in our Canadian ammonites represent a different layer of the gem material


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