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Couture Ammolite Earrings

Cecelia 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings by Korite Ammolite

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In stock


Replete in a 14K yellow gold framework of 0.264 TCW diamonds, these Cecelia Earrings by Korite Ammolite steal the show with a radiant “AA” grade 13×6 rectangle Ammolite gemstone. From the Couture Collection, these earrings are defined by their emphatic structural details and prestigious materials. The captivating rainbow of colours captured by genuine Ammolite bestows an enlightenment of wisdom and peace.



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G-H VS2+

Please note: We have tried to represent the product as close to the original. However, due to the unique nature of Ammolite - The colours portrayed in the pictures may vary slightly from the actual product. All stones used in our handcrafted jewellery are one of a kind!


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