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Featured Ammolite Jewellery

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While every piece of KORITE Ammolite is unique and precious, there are just some that deserve that special attention.These featured items are known for their design, quality, and customer feedback. These must, see must buy item are sure to please. (Free shipping this week only)

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Alexa Sterling Silver Split Shank Rope Solitaire Ring by Korite Ammolite

Slip on sensational old style Hollywood luxury when you don this glamorously stunning Korite Ammolite

Amaris Sterling Silver Oval Elements Pendant by Korite Ammolite

Pure. Remarkable. Colour. Ammolite, truly one of nature's rarest gems, is designed for the ultimate

Amia Gold Tone Sterling Silver Earrings by Korite Ammolite

Bringing exceptional colour into your wardrobe with these oval mosaic Amia Earrings by Korite Ammolite.

Emma Sterling Silver Tapered Bangle by Korite Ammolite

Highly detailed with a bold Elements motif, this bangle bracelet shows off a vibrant allure

Jeevan Sterling Silver Ring by Korite Ammolite

Bold and prismatic, this Jeevan Ring by Korite Ammolite stuns in a sleek contoured silver

Julian Sterling Silver Round Elements Cufflinks by Korite Ammolite

These round Elements cufflinks are a hallmark of class and style in sleek sterling silver.

Katalina Gold Tone Sterling Silver Pendant by Korite Ammolite

A dynamic Elements Ammolite motif details this fascinating rectangle Katalina Pendant by Korite Ammolite cast

Korite Ammolite Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Princess Pendant

A striking work of superlative craftsmanship, this Korite Ammolite Yellow Gold Malibu Pendant is the

Korite Ammolite Sterling Silver Marquis Eva Pendant

Sterling silver enlightens the purity of the esteemed Ammolite gem in this timeless Eva Pendant.

Korite Ammolite Sterling Silver Squared Atsuna Earrings

A feminine composition of fine sterling silver and opulent Korite Ammolite, these fine earrings unveil

Nimah Sterling Silver Topaz Ring by Korite Ammolite

Colourful and bold, Ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world and every

Nora Sterling Silver Topaz Ring by Korite Ammolite

This unique Teardrop Nora ring by Korite Ammolite is absolutely breathtaking! A 12x8 center Ammolite

Current Top Sellers

Quality Precision and Thoughtful design

KORITE, along with our in-house designers, partners with world-class artisans including Canadian and international designers to maintain the quality and integrity of our jewellery.

Canada 150 Charm Bracelet

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Unique Colours and Styles by KORITE KORITE is ready to

Anthea 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant by Korite Ammolite

Suspended from a diamond and textured white gold bail, the round brilliant Ammolite center stone
$3,315.00 $2,983.50

14K Yellow Gold Oval Coby Tapered Ring by Korite Ammolite

Fall helplessly in love with this Coby Ring by Korite Ammolite. Decadent 14K yellow gold

Canada 150 Pendant

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Unique Colours and Styles by KORITE KORITE is ready to

14K Yellow Gold Rectangle Martin Ring by Korite Ammolite

Ammolite asserts its dominance of colours in this sleek Martin Ring by Korite Ammolite. This

Harry Sterling Silver 36mm Full-Face Watch by Korite Ammolite

This steel full-face Harry watch by Korite Ammolite provides both function and aesthetics to complement

Canada 150 Tie Clip

Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Unique Colours and Styles by KORITE KORITE is ready to

Meghan Sterling Silver 36mm Full-Face Watch by Korite Ammolite

Rely on the function and benefit from the style of this Women's 43mm Steel Full-Face

Find the right Korite Ammolite for you.

Shop fine jewellery for men and women from the Korite Ammolite Collections. Korite features intricate artisan designs wrapped around the captivating brilliance of pure Ammolite in a spectacular show of its diverse spectrum.

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