Vivid Ammolite Unity - Gemstones of the Radiant Collection

In celebration of the upcoming winter season, KORITE has decided to spotlight our most recent collection, inspired by festive gathering seasons with the warmth of garnet & citrine gemstones, paired exquisitely with the majesty of genuine Canadian Ammolite

What makes the Radiant collection so special? It’s classic KORITE design in an exquisite execution. Luxurious and contemporary, the collection is a burst of vibrant color and warmth that is sure to light a flame on intrigue each time you wear it. Playful accent stones create a dance of color that is wholly unique - and only Ammolite can make the Radiant collection shine like no other. 

Let's dive into the striking selection of gemstones that adorn the 18K gold vermeil settings of the Radiant collection. 

The Gemstones of the Radiant Collection

KORITE has selected a suite of complementary gemstones to highlight the natural beauty of Ammolite. These stones, clustered together alongside the main Ammolite gemstone, create a cornucopia of sparkle and luxury. 


Citrine is a bright yellow or orange colored gemstone which is a variation of natural Quartz. The deep coloration in the stone is due to the presence of iron in the gemstone’s chemical structure. Natural Citrine gemstones are exceedingly rare, and the vast majority are created using a complex heat treatment procedure done on quartz to elicit a profound change in coloration.

The color tones of this gemstone can vary from a light, smoky yellow color to deep, rich amber tones bordering on crimson red. This coloration often causes citrine to be confused with yellow Topaz, along with the fact that both gemstones are considered birthstones for those born in the month of November. Despite this confusion, Citrine is gaining massive popularity as a gemstone, and is now recognized as the most popular yellow gemstone for jewelry! 


Garnet is a gemstone which has been admired since the Bronze Age for its beauty, richness of color, and grandeur. The coloration of Garnet gemstones can vary wildly, including pink, red, orange, and even green - however the color most commonly used in jewelry is a deep red hue, not unlike the burgundy of red wine.

Garnet gemstones have been seen in spectacularly complex applications, from ancient Anglo-Saxon old world metalwork inlay to stylish Egyptian bead necklaces. Garnet is also the birthstone for those born in January!

White Topaz

White topaz is a natural gemstone that is mined in many places around the world. While topaz gemstones can be found in almost every color, white topaz is actually its most pure, unadultered form. Because of the clarity and sparkle of white topaz, it is often used in jewelry in a similar capacity to diamonds, or as a substitute where large, multiple carat diamonds would be prohibitively expensive. 

That's not to say that topaz doesn't still maintain a beautiful lustre, great clarity, and exceptional durability! Topaz ranks at an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which means it is durable enough to wear for years to come. White topaz has a clean, captivating appearance that makes it perfect to pair with other, bolder colored gemstones. 


Of course, we couldn't discuss the Radiant collection without mentioning the star of the show; Ammolite! We've selected some of our most stunning Ammolite gemstones for the Radiant collection, and you can choose between an A grade or AA grade Ammolite gemstone on every piece! The luxurious iridescent dance of color that shines across the face of every Ammolite gemstone is accented beautifully by the other gemstones featured in the Radiant collection. Now, the only thing left is to explore for yourself, and pick up your next show-stopping piece of jewelry!