The Perfect Pair- Picking the Perfect Pieces of Jewellery for Your Special Day

Is there anything more beautiful than a sparkling bride on her wedding day? The dress, flowers, hair, makeup and jewelry balance with one another as everyone’s jaw drops when she walks down the aisle. Every bride is unique, and while wedding trends are typically timeless and traditional, there is something special about distinctive, custom pieces that speak to the bride’s personality and style. As the bride or a member of the wedding party, remember you can break the rules, you don’t have to just wear diamonds or pearls, wear what speaks to you, what makes you feel good and what suits the atmosphere of the wedding.

Our passion at Korite is jewellery and wedding jewellery is no exception. Korite jewellery is an incredibly thoughtful and sentimental accessory for your special bride on her wedding day. Beautiful, timeless and elegant. The unparalleled uniqueness of the ammolite stone offers your bride and/ or bridesmaids incomparable elegance, vibrancy, timeless quality, and positive energy on your special day.

Wedding jewelry requires a delicate balance, and therefore we have created a shortlist of tips to help support your decisions as you embark on shopping for the perfect jewelry pieces.

1. Less is more

Choose a few unique pieces. Consider your hairstyle, neckline and ring. For most brides, a couple, elegant pieces go a long way. Explore our collections and find a matching necklace and studs, or drop-down earrings and bracelet.

2. Choosing the right metal

Mix your gems but try not to mix your metals! Consider the jewellery accents on the gown and use that as your baseline. Almost all of our Korite jewellery comes in silver and gold options. We also offer gems that are paired with diamonds and/or other stones, ammolite is incredibly versatile and looks beautiful paired with almost anything.

3. Don’t forget about the bridesmaids

Matching your jewellery with your bridesmaids is very trendy right now, and Korite jewelry can offer you the opportunity to be creative with the pairings. Similar to dresses, you can either have everybody in the same pieces or offer everyone the chance to find a style of their own with a similar theme. Additionally, offering your bridesmaids a necklace or bracelet is incredibly thoughtful and will make them feel appreciated and loved.

4. Tradition & Family Values

The timeless wedding rhyme reads that every bride should have “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”. Now, Korite ammolite is a special gem, with over 72 million years of history, this precious gem is alive with energy, history and timeless sparkle. So whether you buy it tomorrow or the gem has been passed down through your family, Korite can cross off a couple of boxes for your special day; old, new, borrowed or blue, we can cover them all.

We also love when exceptional jewellery is passed down through the family for special occasions. There is something inherently sweet about wearing jewellery with a sentimental history. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your mom or grandma and ask them what they have, we can guarantee they will feel honoured to share with you on your special day.