Weinman Collection - Spotlight

For this collection spotlight, KORITE is showcasing our gorgeous Victorian-inspired pieces designed by New York jeweller Bob Weinman!

The Weinman collection, also known as the ‘New Vintage’ collection is a love letter to the opulence and grandeur of Victorian & Edwardian jewelry.

Intricate scrollwork adorns bold rings, pendants, and earrings. Each piece is a complex, handmade slice of history, blending authentic old-world style with beautiful KORITE Ammolite gemstones.

Every piece from the Weinman collection is hand carved and made with genuine gemstones using the original models and dyes from the early 1900s.

As a third generation jeweler, Bob Weinman brings his family legacy to life by combining some of the world's most exotic and rare gemstones with the treasured designs of the past.

Along with 71 million year old Canadian Ammolite, you can expect to enjoy gemstones such as Alexandrite, Emerald, and Tourmaline set to accent the natural beauty of Weinman’s designs.

Bob Weinman jewelry is hand manufactured by American craftsmen. Our exclusive KORITE international collection brings us back to the days when fine jewelry was a blend of craftsmanship, beauty and art.

The influence of Victorian, Edwardian and Art deco styling is infused throughout the collection.

Many of the designs of the KORITE Weinman collection have been reproduced using our original models and then hand finished by specially trained American jewelers to recreate the art of a bygone era.

Each piece features high-grade genuine Canadian KORITE Ammolite, capturing attention and envy at every angle.

Imagine yourself draped in the vintage-inspired majesty of this sterling silver Charlotte Pendant by Korite Ammolite.

Created by designer Bob Weinman, this intricate marquise-shaped pendant glistens in 0.55 TCW panjshir emeralds and 8 diamond cut white zircon, all embracing the fascinating brilliance of a genuine "A" grade Ammolite gemstone. 

This sterling silver Clara Pendant by Korite Ammolite enchants your look with a generous 16x12 oval "A" grade Ammolite gemstone.

Sparkling 0.42 TCW alexandrite gems and 40 diamond-cut white zircon stones run down the intricate scrollwork for extra sparkle, lending the piece plenty of character and depth.

Designer Bob Weinman crafted this exquisite pendant around the lustrous beauty and vivid spectrum of genuine Ammolite.