The Making of the Origins Collection | Featuring KORITE Ammolite

For our newest Ammolite collection, the KORITE team has decided to provide a glimse into the stunning work of Montreal jewelry designer Claire Vessot, along with her process, inspiration, and vision for the Origins collection. One of several new collections of Ammolite jewelry launching in celebration of the new KORITE, Origins is a harkening back to the very beginning of the rare and elusive Ammolite gemstone. This concept has permeated through the lineup, infused in the design language of every piece. 

From majestic pendants to magnificent rings, the Origins collection features the allure of 925 Sterling Silver, adorned with your choice of A or AA Grade genuine Canadian Ammolite gemstones! Let's dive into the rich history and background behind the Origins collection. 

Design Elements:

There are several aspects of the design language used to create the Origins collection. The main thread that follows across this collection are textures and shapes evoking imagery of the Ammolite fossils which Ammolite gemstones are derived from. 

The Texture

The fanned texture which is displayed on the entire Origins collection is inspired by the growth lines of the Ammonite fossil, noticable on many larger pieces of Ammolite as a visible formation and a physical texture adorning the gemstone surface.

These dozens of lines, not dissimilar from those observed in mature trees, indiciate the gradual growth of the once-living creature which has been fossilized to create the Ammolite gemstone.

 “The energizing, almost mesmerizing, radiating-lined patternwork found on the Origins Collection, was inspired from the outer shell of the Ammonite itself. Right from the the source of it all."

"To me, it represents the evolution of energy, the growth and often personal insights found within us all."

The Backplate

The signature backplate adorning the Origins collection once again drawns from the complex, mesmerizing geometry of the Ammonite fossil.

The intersecting lines are both regal and ancient in their mystery, set with striking Sterling Silver behind each peice of eye catching Canadian Ammolite.

"Often a challenge to develop, as creating a meaningful backplate to be applied to each piece ‘cross-collection’ style, can be a wild ride of options, but this one seemed to fall right into place."


"We turned to the source again, and from Korite’s own graphic logo, an actual Ammonite fossil inspired silhouette was found. A vibrant geometric patten with a rhythmic feel, courageous interplay, present but not obvious that evoke sentiments of energy and strength.

The best things are often discovered like a treasure resting and nestled into the sea." 


Designer's Notes

Straight from the desk of the designer; Claire Vessot - KORITE brings you insights into the process of creating the Origins collection - featuring the splendor of Canadian Ammolite Gemstones, inspired by the 71 million year old history of the Ammonite fossil.

"Finding inspiration for the new Ammolite Sterling Silver Collection, Origins, was an unforgettable and enriching experience for me. Often the challenge of developing an idea towards a fresh new look takes twists and turns along the way but this effort came as if it was already there, and up to me to pluck it out of the air and get it on paper."

"At every turn, the Ammonite fossil itself was it's own true source that led the way from it's energizing radiating pattern-work, to the refined detail of the finishing graphic elements. It came together with inspiration from the earth, over time, the eclipsed moon, energy and lots of it."

Whether it's the bold beauty astonishing Ammolite earrings, or the sculpted statement of the sterling silver chains wrapping our Ammolite pendants, the Origins collection by KORITE has your next obsession.