KORITE welcomes TEXTURE Livestreaming!

KORITE is hitting our stride in the streaming space! We have recently welcomed some livestreaming talent into our showrooms and head offices to showcase the world of genuine Canadian KORITE Ammolite! We captured some photos to commemorate the event, and to take you along on a tour of the KORITE building as we welcome a new partnership with TEXTURE! 

What is Texture? 

TEXTURE is an e-commerce live broadcast company that professionally cultivates and incubates e-commerce social media influencers, integrates traffic platforms and supply chain resources based on the influencer economic post-market and ecommerce industry chain. KORITE has partnered with TEXTURE to create live streaming opportunities on the TaoBao platform to showcase Canadian Ammolite Jewelry, specimens, and full Ammonites through high-profile influencers. KORITE’s dedication to breaking through into new and unfamiliar markets is evident in exciting partnerships like these! 


Led by our intrepid Fossil and Ammonite Manager Johnny (pictured), the texture livestreamers were guided through the processes and craftsmanship of the KORITE staff; watching as 71 million year old fossils are transformed into truly unique works of art through the dedicated work of talented craftspeople and jewelers. In the following photo we get a rare look at the stone cutting process KORITE uses to refine raw chunks of Ammolite from our mine outside of Lethbridge, AB into our gorgeous hand specimens. 

The TEXTURE livestreamers are capturing every moment of the action, providing constant commentary and filling in their thousands of online viewers on the TaoBao platform. Viewers can comment, react, and interact with the live streamer in real-time and even purchase some of the items shown in the video! The cleaning and cutting process these livestreamers are observing is done in-house at KORITE to maximize the color, viewing angles, and brilliance of each individual piece of Ammolite. 

Finally, our tour concludes on a close-up view of the detailed, meticulous cleaning and polishing process being done on a stunning fully formed Ammonite. If your interest is captured by the beauty you see in these breathtaking pieces of history, do not hesitate to explore KORITE's commercial website, where we offer an ever-growing selection of full Ammonites and other fossils sourced from our mine just outside Lethbridge, AB!

This ancient gemstone measures nearly two feet in diameter! KORITE technicians treat and hand-finish every inch of the Ammonite with a multitude of tools and machinery, drawing out every illustrious shade of natural color from the Ammolite gemstone layer! Truly this process must be seen to be believed. Thankfully - you just might be able to, thanks to TEXTURE livestreaming at KORITE International!