Korite Pendants: Pairing and wearing your perfect pendant

Ammolite gemstones will enchant you like bright, delicate, exquisite pendants. Celebrated for their mystical assets of healing, prosperity and energy, Korite Ammolite Pendants are an asset to all jewellery collections.
Set in gold, silver and/or diamonds, Korite pendants add a beautiful pop of colour to almost any style. What we love about Korite pendants is how they capture the true and rare essence of the Korite Ammolite gemstone.

Whether you like simple, chic, eclectic, or elegant, there is a Korite pendant to suit your desires.


The hypnotic but sleek style of the Elements collection adds a special brilliance to the Korite Ammolite gemstone pendant collection. The exclusivity of the Elements collection items lies in the distinctiveness of the colours set within the mosaic. With hand-picked stones arranged perfectly by our artisans, each Elements piece is undeniably vibrant.

We love the versatility of our Elements collection; all the pendants can be easily dressed up or dressed down, suiting any and all your fashion needs. Whether your pendant is to play the star of the show or is a simple add on, complimenting your fashionable flair, Elements pendants pair beautifully with your casual, business and/or any evening affair.

Try dressing up your weekend get-up with the Hayden Sterling Silver Pendant on a long chain or try pairing your corporate style with the Bethany Sterling Silver Pendant on a short chain.


Our Solara Royal Pendant collection defines luxury. Ammolite gemstones sparkle on their own, but when paired with diamonds in the sensuous Solara designs, the Ammolite gemstone is elevated and transformed into an absolute show-stopping piece.
Exhibiting a rich and luxurious array of colours, accompanied by the shimmering elegance of diamonds and white or yellow gold, the Solara Couture pendants are remarkable and exquisite.
Pair these pendants with elegant evening wear for a burst of saturated colour, sparkle and vibrancy.

Did you know: Award-winning Ammolite jewellery designer and goldsmith Lynn L. Strelau designed the original Solara pendant.
Selecting an outstanding Korite Ammolite that showed the most brilliant colour and captivating pattern, Lynn artfully framed it with sparkling diamonds skillfully set into the elegant, 18K gold radiance that defines this pendant.
Today, Korite’s Signature Collection pendant Solara shines as the ultimate in glamorous Ammolite style, capturing the imagination of women around the world who appreciate the unique beauty and expressive colour of Korite’s finest Ammolite.
Every limited production Korite Solara pendant comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity, your guarantee of quality and craftsmanship.

Our pendant collection is seemingly unlimited here at KORITE, and in offering such a wide array, our goal is to accommodate to personal styles and personalities.
We believe our pendants should reflect who you are and offer themselves as a conversation piece to your best qualities. Need additional help picking out your perfect pendant? Here are some industry tips to help you while you shop.

  1. The necklace should complement the pendant; the chain should support and highlight the pendant but not outshine it. When picking the right chain, opt for a necklace that is about the same weight as your pendant. If your pendant weighs more than your chain, it will wear out the chain much faster and even risk breakage or damage.
  2. Opt for a necklace that complements your pendant but keeps your pendant the star of the show; consider the colour, style and personality of your pendant when picking out your necklace, not all chains suit all pendants.
  3. If you wish to make the neck and shoulders look long and elegant, oblong, oval and diamond-shaped pendants will best suit your desires.
  4. When considering your pendant and necklace it is important to note attributes such as your height and face shape to find the perfect fit for you.