Korite featured in Canadian Jeweller Magazine

This summer our good friends at Canadian Jeweller Magazine published an incredible article about the Ammolite gem, and what we do here at Korite. Author, Karen Rudolph Durrie, extensively covered our history, environmental commitment, craftsmanship and worldwide distribution, through her creative but precise writing.

When the article was released we were absolutely blown away, Durrie had done a remarkable job of capturing our essence, values and vision at Korite. If you have not read the article yet, now is the time.

When we were approached about doing this piece we were excited and eager to be able to share our story with the world through such a significant information distributor.
Canadian Jeweller Magazine shares and distributes industry-leading information about jewellery trends every day, and is known as an industry leader in the digital realm; digitally the magazine engages with a remarkable audience not only in Canada but around the world. Canadian Jeweller Magazine is a true gem if you know what we mean.