KORITE Ammonites at the Tuscon Mineral and Fossil Show!

It's the event all Fossil lovers have been waiting for. One of the biggest gem, fossil and mineral expos is taking place right now in Tucson. Come to the RMGM Mineral & Fossil Show - Oracle Road to see our assortment of Canadian Ammonites and more.
Featuring the cream of the crop of Canadian ammolite, our booth is home to some of the most awe-inspiring pieces you will ever see! Johnny is a wealth of knowledge and is sure to captivate, as you explore our selection of Canadian ammolite, ammonites, and hand specimens. 
Ammolite comes from the fossilization of Ammonite Cephalopods, which are found around the world yet, only in the Bearpaw Formation of Southern Alberta did they mineralize and become the rare and colourful gemstone.
In 1981, Ammolite was officially designated a precious gemstone by CIBJO. Ammolite is the last of the gemstones accepted in the past 300 years and amongst the rarest, placing it alongside its peers Opal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. 
KORITE has returned to the Tuscon Mineral and Fossil show! Meet Johnny and many other KORITE faces at booths 9 and 10, displaying some of our most prestigious and breathtaking complete Canadian ammonites, specimens and gemstones! All Canadian ammonites are legally collected, are exported with valid export permits and come with a certificate of authenticity.
Ammonite fossils are found on every continent, in rock formations from 400 Million to 65 Million years in age. Only in Southern Alberta, Canada however, are they found in high concentrations with the distinctly bright, beautiful and iridescent colours seen from KORITE ammolite.

This makes any Ammonite fossil with this uniquely Canadian iridescence a beautiful rarity. The range of colors visible on Canadian ammonite fossils can vary greatly, although the rarest and most elusive colors are blue, purple, and pink. These colors are a splendid and breathtaking sight to behold and command a premium in value.
Want a hand finding us? Use the map below to locate the KORITE booth at the Mineral and Fossil show!