Introducing the KORITE Ammolite Gift Guide

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Gift Guide from KORITE

Ammolite Gifts for the upcoming festive season.

As the industry leader in ammolite jewellery, ammolite stones and handhelds, and ammonites (more specifically Canadian ammonite Fossils) its fitting that the KORITE team worked on the ultimate ammolite gift guide for gift buyers this holiday season. We looked through our assortment “Old and NEW” to round up some of our top gifts, including holiday gift sets, a count down of our favourite ammolite gifts for the season, as well as a celebration of some of our new items we launched last month.

Head over to KORITE’s Gift Guide to see more or keep reading for some additional commentary on why we selected some of these ammolite pieces and more dialogue on why we like ammolite as a gift in 2021.

For the Minimalist

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Gift Guide From KORITE

This October we unveiled our KORITE Origins collection, inspired by the ammonite with unique textural elements to highlight the uniqueness of KORITE Ammolite. You can read more about the inspiration for the ammolite line on our KORITE ORIGINS blog. The big reason we like Origins as the Ammolite gift of choice for everyone this year is actually its simplicity. For the Ammolite stone lover who wants to look all day long at their stone look no further than the Origins Round or Origins Cushion ammolite rings. These pieces make a great gift for someone, but be sure to get their rings size ahead of time. (And if you don’t, and its not a fit, get in touch with us to make it right). If you are unsure of their ring size, the Round Pendant, in either the Small pendant size or Large pendant size would be a great option for the more budget minded. Beyond this, inside of Origins, the Chainlink Ammolite necklace the ultimate splurge gift of the year -  beautiful heirloom ammolite, thick sterling silver, with a functional jewellery design make this one of our top 10 ammolite gifts.

For the Dreamer

KORITE Ammolite Stones | Ammolite Jewellery Gift Guide

Someone on your holiday gift list have their head in the clouds? For the day dreaming bold design lover KORITE Starlight is a wonderful cocktail ring option. Made with Gold Vermeil to ensure its attainably priced and long-lasting the pieces inside of the KORITE Starlight Ammolite collection are sure to fit the bill for the statement maker in your circle. With designs inspired by the stars, accented ammolite with white topaz you can be sure the Starlight name is fitting due to the sparkle of the rings and pendants of the line. With the Starlight Double ring, becoming a fast favourite with KORITE customers, it’s a great choice with purchased alone or better yet in our new holiday sets, which offer a special price for the holiday season. The Ammolite stones inside these rings for the first time are available for purchase in either A grade or the ultra-rare AA grade Ammolite. So be sure to checkout the entire Starlight Ammolite collection when buying Ammolite Jewellery this year.

Ammolite for the Fashionista

Korite Ammolite Stones | Ammolite Jewellery Gift Guide from KORITE

Are you, or your friends a trendsetter? Wearing ammolite is more than just wearing a 71 Million year old Gemstone, its quickly becoming a statement of Canadian style. With vibrant colours to rival of any gemstone – even the black opal, the ultra-rare Canadian Ammolite is the gift which is vastly more scarce than Diamond and with a better story to boot. This is just one of a few reasons why the KORITE team feels that Ammolite from the Radiant Collection will be a surefire way to stun the trendsetter in your life. The Drop earrings are a testament to how complimentary stones can play so well off the Canadian Ammolite, the Radiant Slider Necklace a statement to be rivaled only by the finest ammolite jewellery designs. Lastly, the Cluster necklace and bracelet, with Ammonite accent stand unmatched in the Ammolite jewellery space. The Cluster, is a gemstone fashion which is swept across the globe, and for the first time is now available in Ammolite for a limited time.

Beauty at every budget

Canadian Ammolite at every price point – This was something the KORITE Ammolite team worked hard to curate. Inside of our new collections we strived to maintain the quality of the products while hitting a wide range of price points. Inside of Origins the Earring studs are a must this year – among other items inside of our Ammolite Gifts under $500 category. For those looking to spend a little more we curated our TOP items under $1000 – featuring some of our new ammolite pieces. And lastly, we curated a top list of ammolite stones and jewellery Under $2000. So, if you're looking to get your hands on some of the world's finest Canadian ammolite in your price range look to these categories.

Ammolite Stones

One of the things we suggest checking out is our assortment of Ammolite Handhelds. For the Ammonite and Ammolite fossil lover in your life or if you just want to give a 71 Million year old gemstone to a loved one – then be sure to check out our Ammolite stones. For the most adventurous, looking to splurge, we also have a wide assortment of Canadian Ammonite fossils for sale listed on our Commercial website.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading about our Ammolite Gift guide, and we hope that the guide can help inspire those holiday purchases this year across all tastes and budgets. Be sure to check back into the blog for more KORITE Ammolite and Ammonite news.