KORITE's Newest Ammolite Collection | Starlight

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Starlight Jewellery Collection

The team at KORITE has been hard at work behind the scenes collaborating with industry experts and esteemed designers to launch a collection of new 18K gold Ammolite jewellery pieces for Winter 2021. The team is excited to announce three new Ammolite Jewellery Collections for 2021. These collections will be KORITE’s first new product designs in three years, and rest assured - the KORITE team is just getting started. The first collection is inspired by cosmos and mythology, and includes several Ammolite rings, pendants and even multi-functional earrings which can be worn with or without their 18K gold jackets.

The collection is available now in limited quantities – the KORITE team has been working hard with materials to ensure we maintain the highest standard in Ammolite, all to be backed by our lifetime guarantee! Therefore for this Ammolite collection the KORITE team chose to use Gold Vermeil. KORITE's vermeil jewellery is 925 Silver at its core and is coated with a 2.5 micron thick layer of 18K gold. This increases the lifespan and quality of the jewellery vs traditional gold plating, ensuring an heirloom quality finish which will last a lifetime, at a price to match. 

Design Inspiration:

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Starlight Jewellery Inspiration

Inspired by the Cosmos and mythology, this line focuses on stars and trillion shapes to bring a modern aesthetic to the world of Ammolite. Featuring several rings, earrings and pendants, and set in Gold Vermeil, each piece is centered around a brilliant piece of hand selected gem grade Ammolite of the highest quality.

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Starlight Jewellery Collection Laydown

A Closer look at each Ammolite Jewellery Piece:

KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Gemstone Earrings from the starlight collectino

Starting with the earrings – These gold vermeil pieces feature stunning A or AA grade Ammolite and feature a removable jacket to make this our most versatile set of earrings yet. Dressed up for your next cocktail party, or worn as studs for an everyday choice.




KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Gemstone Pendant from the starlight collection

Next in the lineup - the Ammolite Trillion pendant with diamond accents in KORITE’s 18K Gold Vermeil. With a gold vermeil chain included this Ammolite is sure to be the star of the show, available with KORITE’s A or AA grade Ammolite gemstones.




KORITE Ammolite | Ammolite Gemstone Rings from the starlight collectino

The rings are really something special, one a trillion-cut statement piece and the other a unique double ring featuring diamond accents inspired by the light of stars. These both come in your choice of A or AA grade Ammolite gemstones, so you can get the most out of your Heirloom quality Ammolite jewellery.



The entire collection was designed to be long-lasting, with an air of attainable luxury. This is achieved with beautiful 18K Gold Vermeil settings, and A or AA grade Ammolite gemstones set under a quartz cap to ensure they are well protected and can be worn as eye-catching everyday jewellery.