An Ode to the Year of the Dragon

Two Sterling Silver Ammolite Rings.


Introducing the Imperial Collection  - an ode to the Year of the Dragon. 

In the mystical embrace of the Year of the Dragon and the captivating allure of the ammolite gemstone, a harmonious dance unfolds. Both embody the spirit of transformation and fortune. The dragon, a symbol of strength and courage in Chinese culture, parallels the vibrant hues of ammolite, a gemstone born from fossilized Nacre of ancient ammonites. Together, they weave a tale of positive energies, invoking luck and auspicious transformations.

Crafted with luck and power in mind, each piece features stunning dragon-scale ammolite. A fusion of confidence and sophistication, these treasures make a bold statement in your collection. Embrace the auspicious dragon energy with Imperial.

The number eight ammolite pendant  truly showcases the exquisite beauty of pure blue ammolite, the rarest and most sought-after hue within this remarkable gemstone.


Imperial—majestic brilliance, each piece showcases the mesmerizing allure of dragon-scale ammolite.

Embracing a seamless blend of unyielding power and fortuitous luck, this collection embodies harmony in every piece. These treasures deliver a resounding statement to grace your collection. Embrace the auspicious dragon energy embodied in Imperial.
Beyond the symbolic connections tying ammolite to the Year of the Dragon, this collection Illustrates striking aesthetic features, with the dragonhead pendant serving as a captivating centerpiece with its understated dragon feature. 

Explore the Imperial Collection, an ode to the Year of the Dragon.