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World's Finest Canadian Ammolite

Since 1979 KORITE has set the global standard for ammolite gemstones and jewellery. As an industry leading Canadian jewellery brand inspiring the world with the rarity and beauty of Canada’s gemstone.

Shop Ammolite jewellery, as remarkably stand-out and unique as those who wear them.

45 Years of Ammolite

Mined exclusively in southern Alberta, Ammolite not only represents a rare and unique gemstone but also holds significant historical and cultural significance to Alberta.Today we mark ammolite as the offical gemstone of Alberta.

Since 1979
Honouring an Ammolite Legacy

Founded from a passion for paleontology and an entrepreneurial spirit – in 1979 Rene Vandervelde purchased a young business from the Kormos family and named it KORITE. Rene’s vision was to introduce the world to the beautiful and captivating Ammolite.

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Why Shop KORITE Ammolite

Traceable Origins

KORITE is committed to ethical mining, respect for and stewardship of the land.

Luxuriously Canadian

Unearthed Canadian treasures found in only one place, creating one of the world’s rarest gemstones.

Lifetime Guarantee

Korite provides a Lifetime Guarantee on all jewellery against defects in every Ammolite gem.