Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts, featuring the Adore Collection

That time of the year is coming along, where all of us search for the perfect gift to show that ‘special someone’ how much we care. Here at KORITE, we know the perfect solution is always ammolite, sourced from Alberta, Canada. Each Canadian ammolite gemstone is truly unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the wonderful person you’ll gift it to. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of stellar gifts that will take the difficulty out of finding that perfect piece.

Check out our Valentine's Day collection page and read below to discover our top 10 picks!  

1. Adore ammolite ring in 18k rose gold vermeil


Valentine’s Day would be simply incomplete without the Adore Collection, fusing the playful, yet luxurious charm of 18K Rose Gold with elegant and eye-catching ammolite gemstones. This ring features accent stones like pink tourmaline, garnet and white topaz in a coming together of earth and heart. Her hand will sparkle like never before when she’s wearing the Adore ring! 


2. Radiant ammolite drop earring with garnet and citrine


The Radiant Collection is truly something special, with large accent stones and classic styling that sets off any outfit. With gorgeous accent gemstones like citrine, garnet and white topaz, these Radiant ammolite earrings are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. 



3.Adore ammolite bracelet in 18k rose gold vermeil


Returning to the Adore collection, we chose to feature the Adore bracelet - featuring elegant ammolite clusters set in 18K Rose Gold Vermeil. This bracelet is dainty and elegant, yet bold and demands attention from onlookers. The lobster clasp featured KORITE’s signature texture with an ammolite accent! Your loved one is sure to notice the finer details. 




4. Adore ammolite earring in 18k rose gold vermeil


Keeping with the Adore collection, we move to these unique drop earrings, with large garnet and white topaz accents that set these earrings apart from the crowd. A grade Canadian ammolite gemstones take center stage, in a teardrop shape that compliments the setting perfectly. 


5. Starlight trillion ammolite pendant with white topaz in 18k gold vermeil


The bold, commanding look of the Starlight collection is a great choice for Valentine’s day - and a great gift for the Canadian ammolite lover in your life. A large, specially faceted ammolite gemstone in your choice of A or AA grade is featured in this pendant necklace, set in 18K gold vermeil and inspired by the diffusing light of stars.


6. Radiant ammolite station necklace with garnet and citrine in 18k gold vermeil


This Radiant station necklace is a standout piece, with unique settings for a cornucopia of breathtaking gemstones. A 10x14mm Canadian ammolite gemstone is the main event, flanked on either side by garnet, citrine, and even more ammolite gemstones! 



7. Starlight trillion Ammolite ring with white topaz in 18k gold vermeil

One of our most inspired cocktail rings, this piece features a large trillion-cut ammolite gemstone in either A or AA grade ammolite! Sparkles of white topaz adorn the edges of the setting, creating captivating new angles to appreciate the depth and complexity of the main ammolite gemstone. If you’re looking to make a statement this Valentine’s day, the Starlight trillion ammolite ring is for you.



8. Prosperity ammolite ring in 18k gold vermeil

From one of our newest collections, this double ring creates a striking silhouette on the hand, especially when worn between fingers. The rich counterpoint of wine-red garnet offset against an A-grade Canadian ammolite gemstone speaks to an opulent setting inspired by the Chinese symbol for wealth. If there’s someone in your life who deserves a world of prosperity at their fingertips, then the Canadian Ammolite Prosperity double ring is the perfect piece. 


9. Adore ammolite pendant in 18k rose gold vermeil


What could spell love on Valentine’s Day better than a heart-shaped cluster of gemstones set in 18K Rose Gold? Ah yes, the addition of A-grade Canadian ammolite! Pink tourmaline and white topaz dance together in a soft and unifying compliment to the main ammolite gemstones in this pendant necklace. 


10. Origins Sterling Silver Ammolite Round Pendant


This pendant is specifically created for the lover of Canadian ammolite, allowing a round-cut, A or AA grade ammolite gemstone to shine. The 925 sterling silver setting is a subtle yet striking design, featuring KORITE’s signature texture which alludes to the ancient history and origins of the ammolite gemstone. 



Looking to form a bond that lasts? KORITE ammolite has already stood the test of time, around 71 million years! This Valentine’s Day, be sure to choose a piece that exemplifies what they mean to you. They’re unique, bold, precious, and breathtaking - and so is Canadian ammolite. Learn more about the pieces on our top 10 Valentine's Day gifts at this collection page.