KORITE's 2023 Top 10 Gifts Guide

Introducing our finest pieces for you or your loved ones this holiday season, each ammolite necklace and pendant is meticulously crafted to accentuate the captivating allure of this rare gemstone.

Embarking on a journey to the heart of Alberta, we unearth precious ammolite stones renowned for their iridescent brilliance. Yet, our commitment to quality goes beyond gemstones; KORITE proudly presents a range of ammolite products, including cherished ammonite fossils that symbolize Canada's rich heritage.

In our pursuit of perfection, we've carefully selected 10 of our most extensive pieces for your holiday shopping. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of ammolite with KORITE and discover the ultimate expression of elegance within our ammolite jewellery.

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  1. Organic Ammolite Ring in Sterling Silver

Organic ammolite ring in sterling silver

The Organic Ring was designed as an homage to the ever-changing beauty of nature with its mesmerizing colours, the perfect gift for those who appreciate the world's enchanting mysteries.

The perfect gift for the nature lover in your life. 


2. Barre Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Ammolite Pendant Necklace.

Enhance your gift-giving prowess with the captivating Barre Pendant, an embodiment of exquisite beauty and grace.

The vibrant hues of ammolite elegantly waltz with light, reminiscent of the fluid arcs traced by a dancer’s pirouette, while the sleek rectangular silhouette mirrors the poised presence of a ballet barre.


3.Prisma Ammolite Earrings in Sterling Silver

Prisma Ammolite Earrings in Sterling Silver.

Bestow the Prisma Studs for a gift that invites the wearer into a realm of style, elegance, and versatility. A present that eloquently communicates its impact through its understated simplicity.

The simplicity of the designs allows the ammolite to take center stage, creating an understated elegance that is both sophisticated and versatile. 


4. Clover Ammolite Ring in 14K Gold

Clover Ammolite Ring in 14K Gold.

Unearth the ideal gift embodying hope, faith, love, and luck with our Clover Ring. This sophisticated piece transcends time, making it a timeless and profoundly meaningful present!

From shimmering 14K gold to iridescent colours that rival the brightest of rainbows, every element of the Clover Collection exudes luxury and elegance.


5. Eclipse Ammolite Earrings in Black Matte Titanium

Eclipse ammolite earrings in black matte titanium.

Create an indelible holiday memory with the Eclipse Earrings. Explore the Eclipse collection and let the enchantment of the cosmos radiate through your considerate gift. 

The Eclipse collection stands as a testament to the captivating beauty that emerges from the merging of contrasts. 


6. Harmony Ammolite Bangle in Sterling Silver with Malachite

Barre ammolite pendant in sterling silver

Present the gift of harmony and the grace of nature with the Harmony Bangle featuring Malachite. An ideal accessory for those who hold dear the serene allure of the Canadian wilderness.

A captivating collection that captures the serene essence of Canadian nature through the elegance of these exceptional accent stones: Green Malachite.   

7. Starlight Trillion Ammolite Ring with White Topaz in 18k Gold Vermeil

Starlight Trillion Ammolite Ring with White Topaz in 18k Gold VermeilA brilliant gift on its own or in combination with the Starlight Trillion ammolite ring, this statement ring is available in two different stone grades and is decorated with white topaz stones. 




8. Pearl Ammolite Earrings in 18K Gold Plating

Pearl Ammolite Earrings in 18K Gold Plating.

Ammolite and pearl come together to create a beautiful, modern twist on classic pearl jewellery. These Pearl ammolite earrings make a perfect gift that transcends beauty, symbolizing both sophistication and rarity. A perfect choice to celebrate the extraordinary moments in life.

The Pearl Collection brings a modern twist to timeless elegance, making it an exquisite piece of jewellery to be treasured. Combining the shimmer of ammolite with the lustre of Pearl, these unique pieces will add a sophisticated flair to any look. 

9. Infinity Ammolite Pendant in 14K Gold with White Diamonds

Infinity Ammolite Pendant in 14K Gold with White Diamonds.

The gold infinity necklace is a truly timeless and meaningful gift. Its elegant design symbolizes eternal love and boundless connection, making it a perfect gesture to express everlasting sentiments and celebrate enduring relationships.

 The gleam of true Diamonds represents the celebrated milestones that change and sculpt who we are, and the permanence of solid 14K Gold embodies an everlasting legacy, a thread that lingers and endures..

10. Origins Sterling Silver Round Ammolite Ring

Perfect for fashion minimalists, this OriginsOrigins Sterling Silver Round Ammolite Ringcollection ring makes a bold no-fuss style statement.

The Origins Collection features bold ammolite showpieces highlighting organic textures inspired by our Ammonite roots.




Celebrate a lasting bond this Holiday Season with KORITE ammolite, a stone that has endured for over 71 million years. As the unrivaled leader of ammolite jewellery, KORITE specializes in crafting exquisite necklaces, rings, earrings etc. adorned with these rare gemstones only found in Alberta. We stand as a beacon of excellence, deeply committed to showcasing the inherent beauty of the gemstone ammolite.