KORITE Warehouse Sale on Now!

KORITE AMMOLITE | Warehouse Jewellery Sale

KORITE’s Warehouse sale is back!

Some of the best savings on KORITE Ammolite of the year, on for a limited time.

The KORITE ammolite warehouse sale is on now and better than ever. For the second time this year, we are offering 70% off on ALL our Ammolite Sale items. The Korite inventory team has been working hard to curate a warehouse sale to pass big savings on all of our Clearance rings, pendants, necklaces and other Ammolite Jewellery. All items have limited inventory and once sold will be gone forever! So in order to ensure you save on Ammolite, act now.

Ammolite Pendants

Save big on Ammolite pendants in all shapes, grade and sizes! From Gold to Silver, even including Turquoise! Pendants like the Alyssa or the Sheryl are great options to showcase your one of a kind style and have all of your friends asking you about the wonders of Ammolite.


Korite Ammolite | Ammolite Pendant | Gold Alyssa PendantKORITE AMMOLTIE | Ammolite Pendant | Sheryl Gold Pendant

Ammolite Rings

Our curated assortment of Ammolite rings in silver and gold range from standard to AAA grade ammolite – Yes, I mean for 70% off we have a AAA grade ammolite ring for sale, for the lucky size 7! Otherwise, we have lots of sizes in our Diana and Alexa Ring styles boasting beautiful ammolite colours which are sure to be a hit at your next cocktail party!

KORITE AMMOLITE | Ammolite Ring in Silver | Alexa Ring in SilverKORITE AMMOLITE | AMMOLITE Ring in Silver | KORITE Diana Ring

Ammolite Earrings

There is a big selection of ammolite earrings included in the warehouse sale this summer! The KORITE inventory team has done a great job rounding up the earrings from our warehouse and merchandising them for purchase alongside crowd favorite like the Raye ammolite earrings set in sterling silver and bedazzled with sapphires, or the Gold Pamela Ammolite earrings featuring A grade ammolite enhanced by white VS2 grade diamonds.

KORITE AMMOLITE | KAYE Ammolite Earrings in Silver with Sapphire AccentKORITE AMMOLITE | Pamela Ammolite Earrings in Gold with Diamond Accent

Not sold on our sale earrings? We also have a buy one get one free earring sale running on all of our regular priced earrings. So if you have had your eye on the KORITE Royal Solara or the Milan earrings you can be sure to save.