KORITE Adore collection featured in Datenight Canada!

KORITE Ammolite Jewelry is one of this year's best Valentine's Day gifts!

In the spirit of togetherness and love during Valentine's Day, KORITE has taken the exciting step of featuring one of our newest and most stunning Canadian ammolite jewelry collections on Datenight Canada! The new Adore collection, highlighting the warmth and beauty of 18K Rose Gold vermeil and clustered gemstones, is a particularly fitting choice for the perfect Valentine's Day gift. And if that wasnt enough, Datenight is offering a special Adore collection giveaway for followers of the KORITE Instagram account, check out this post  for details! 



"Treat someone you love to a one of a kind, unique and colourful, Canadian-made work of art that they can wear, and think of you each time they put it on."


"Ammolite is a colourful, eye-catching, rare Canadian gemstone found in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. KORITE sources this gorgeous gem with ethical mining, and then handcrafts stunning artisan pieces from decor pieces to watches and jewellery." 



The Adore collection features striking ammolite clustered with tourmaline, garnet and white topaz and embodies a sense of connection and light-hearted wonder. Check out Datenight's article here, and then be sure to take a look at KORITE's own  Valentine's Day gift guide, featuring our top picks for Canadian ammolite gifts for your special someone! And don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win some stunning Canadian ammolite jewelry!