It’s Not Just a Gemstone

Ammolite is a remarkable gemstone unique in its qualities, colours and Feng Shui properties. Across the globe, Ammolite is commended for both its Feng Shui energy and its healing properties; it has been proven to help awaken the spirit and connect one to the environment both physically and spiritually. Crystal healers use Ammolite to connect one to their root chakra, which can help one efficiently channel and tune to their internal energies. This deep connection can help one re-energize and find a sense of calm amongst the chaos.

Professional healers have shared with the public that the stone has three particular traits that are recognized widely amongst most of its wearers, these include: wisdom, knowledge and perfection. This gemstone has an unbelievably rich history and has been used in numerous countries and cultures throughout the globe, for its spectacular healing properties. The Ammolite is characterized by intuitive knowledge, grounding and prosperity, and can be utilized for healing both in jewelry form and/or its raw form. Ammolite has so many remarkable properties that it is challenging to pick one ideal meaning or property but here are a few that we love:

Ammolite can help affect your well-being by:

• Balancing your mind and body
• Improving your focus
• Calming your nervous system in a chaotic environment
• Helping you extinguish unhealthy relationships
• Guiding, developing and maintaining personal growth
• Soothing one during times of trouble

In addition to benefitting your well-being, Ammolite can also help enhance and provide a sense a balance in your daily interactions and through your relationships by:

• Helping protect against unwanted and negative energies in your relationship
• Offering stability and support in your relationship
• Helping one love or be loved fully

Lastly, Ammolite has also been said to improve your physical health by:

• Improving stamina
• Decreasing signs of depression
• Improving focus

What exactly is Ammolite?

• Ammolite is a semi-precious gemstone, with rainbow-like colours, which is the chemical product of a fossilized crustacean from the Crustaceous and Jurassic eras. The name “ammolite” or “ammonite” originates from the name of an ancient Egyptian God named, Ammon.
• Ammon’s powers and spirit were visually characterized by the head of the ram with twisted horns. These twisted horns draw similarities with the physical composition of the twisted shape of the crustaceous shell and are why these fossilized crustaceans are recognized as ammonites, today.
• Ammonites are widely recognized across the world and come in a variety of colours and sizes. The colours found in a variety of Ammonites have recognized through the layers of iridescence that the fossils display; on some ammonites the tones are bright and rich whereas on others they are more neutral and muted.
• Iridescence is a play on colours caused by the shift of light through various chromatic states.
• Ammolite is unique because it is only found in Southern Alberta and it is the only ammonite fossil found today to have remarkably vibrant and rainbow-like iridescence.

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