How to style Korite Ammolite Earrings

At Korite, we understand that pairing jewellery can be challenging. So we wanted to offer you a few quick tips on how to style ammolite, to prevent hours of Pinterest scrolling and google researching. Our first pairing blog will uncover ammolite earrings, exploring the cut and pairing options for a variety of our styles.

Jewellery makes an important statement about a person, it speaks to their personality, style and individuality. What we love about our pieces here at Korite is that each piece of jewellery is as unique as the person wearing it.

Each cut of our ammolite gemstones is different, and the colours that shine within the gem are as special and unique as the individuals wearing the piece.

Use statement earrings to accentuate the natural beauty of the face! Regardless of the occasion, we want to make your beauty the star of the show.

Simple studs, elegant teardrops, or luxurious drop downs can all make a statement if paired right.

When picking your perfect pair of ammolite earrings first consider the occasion and your facial features.Finally consider the jewellery’s fashionable pairings.

Stud earrings

They are perfect for everyday wear, especially for ladies with traditional and/or classic style.  A pop of colour from one of our beautifully cut studs can accent the colour of your eyes, the style of your makeup or brighten your face up with its gorgeous jewel tones.

Our studs can pair with about everything: black & white fashion, colourful fashion and even patterned fashion. Find your perfect pair of studs here

Tear Drops

Elegant in every term and suitable for almost every facial shape. Including oval, heart, square, and diamond shapes. Teardrop earrings are a versatile style that can be dressed up or dressed down in a variety of ways.

We design all our teardrops differently, doing our best to accommodate to various style needs. The precious metal pairings that supply our teardrop designs are always cut to accentuate our brilliant ammolite stone. Also, they add character to the look you are wishing to achieve. Explore our teardrop earring options here


Our elements collection modernizes our stone. It offers a contemporary and urban feel to many of ammolite earring options. These earrings are bordered in your favourite metal option and break up the colour of the stone in a uniquely mosaic fashion.

The elements style breaks up the colour of the stone into fragments and offers an exquisite almost patterned option of ammolite. Great for everyday wear or chic outings such as cocktail parties.

The elements earring collection is best paired with a bohemian layering of simple colours. It looks best as a statement piece with tied back hair.


Need more styling advice? Our team of experts is more than happy to assist you with your styling and shopping questions.

Message us on Instagram, Facebook or on our website for a speedy reply on your styling inquiry.