Canadian Ammolite at Golden Hour

Canadian Ammolite Ring from KORITE

When you’re wearing an Ammolite ring, every hour feels like golden hour. Regardless of if its gold plated, 14K or 18K gold, the Ammolite in your ring will shine brightest in the setting sun! To prove this, the KORITE marketing team set out to capture some of our favorite Ammolite Rings.

Sunset, meet Sunrise!

Canadian KORITE Ammolite Gold Ring - From Designer Martha Seely

Sunset with the Seely Sunrise 14K gold Diamond AA Grade Ammolite Ring. Martha Seely clearly had Golden hour in mind when designing this AA grade Ammolite beauty! With only 1 Size left before it is sold out forever, we thought it fitting to watch the sun set on this 14K Gold artisan crafted piece of Jewellery. A piece clad in Apricot Sapphire and Canary Diamonds, it’s beauty is only realized in perfect light! So feast your Ammolite eyes on one of our favorite pieces from our designer collection. 


Ammolite Statement Silver!

KORITE Canadian Ammolite Silver Ring by Bob Weinmen

Another favorite from our Ammolite Designer collection. Designed by Bob Weinman, from our vintage collection, this is a feast for the eyes. With A grade Ammolite and 0.42TC Alexandrite and 40 Diamond cut white Zircon – all working in unison to create the Clara ring.

Another one that stands as a strong reminder of the popularity of the Ammolite Heritage collection – with only one size left in our inventory – calling all Size 7s!


Spectacular Seely Ammolite

KORITE Canadian Ammolite | Martha Seely Ammolite Ring

Make a statement with this Sterling Silver A Grade Ammolite ring! Set with White Sapphires – the natural beauty of the A Grade Ammolite is best adorned at your next cocktail event, or under the setting sun – as shown here.

Part of our Martha Seely collection and with a new price – This iridescent beauty can be yours for only $575. So, what are you waiting for?


Green Accented Ammolite Ring

KORITE Canadian Ammolite | Green Stone accented silver Ammolite Ring

A Feast for the eyes and another favorite from the BOB Weinman collection. Accenting the green of the Ammolite gemstone, the chrome Tourmaline transports the colors of the Ammolite to new heights! The Lydia is still available in two sizes – 7 and 8. Act now to avoid disappointment! Shown below you can really see how the Ammolite gemstone shines brightest in the setting sun!


Alright… One more Gold Ring!!!

KORITE Canadian AMMOLITE | Gold Ammolite Ring

Ever so easy on the eyes, and another from the Seely collection: The 14K gold Lines of Symmetry AA Grade Ammolite ring. A Cushion cut Ammolite sits atop of a gold band! Now only available in sizes 7 and 8. This ring could be just the statement piece you need to round out your Ammolite collection – Available in both white gold or yellow gold, its simplicity is a statement to the craftsmanship and care that goes into each piece of KORITE Ammolite jewellery.


Sunset on Korite's Golden hour.

That’s a wrap on our golden hour ring feature! We hope you enjoyed the feature of some of our favorite Ammolite rings! Psst! keep your eyes on the blog as we have some new things in store for the fall, and will start to share soon.

Enough from us… let’s see your Ammolite! Connect on Instagram or Facebook and show us how yours shines! Head over to your KORITE Ammolite over at @KoriteAmmolite on Instagram and give us a shout!

 KORITE Canadian ammolite | Sterling Silver Ring with Tourmaline Accents