Feel the Energy of Korite Ammolite

At KORITE our passion is the stunning, rare and truly one of a kind ammolite gemstone. Ammolite is a semi-precious gemstone that was born from a fossilized crustacean from the Crustaceous and Jurassic eras; dating back over 71 million years ago. The name “Ammolite” is the most common name for the gemstone today and this name was derived from the ancient Egyptian God, Ammon. Characterized by ahead of the ram with twisted horns, the Egyptian god Ammon had comparable traits to the twisted shape of the crustaceous shell, Ammonite.

Ammonite comes in a variety of sizes and colours, and are found all over the world. However, Ammolite is a unique form of Ammonite only found in Alberta, Canada. Ammolite has been naturally created over the past 71 Million years. It is formed from an ammonite fossil preserved through a combination of immense tectonic pressure, mineralization from the soil, heat and of course time. The result is a natural gemstone layer that shows a full kaleidoscope of colours from vibrant blues & greens to fiery reds & golds. The reason that Ammolite is so remarkable is because of the rainbow of colours it displays. These remarkable colours are caused by a phenomenon called iridescence. Iridescence offers the human eye a play on colours, shifting through various chromatic states as you view it.

In addition to Ammolites’ stunning beauty, it has also had an exceptional number of healing properties and energies. There are three specific traits that are most recognized within the properties of the Ammolite; these include perfection, wisdom and knowledge. Additionally, the stone is said to hold the energies of the universe and is promoted by feng shui masters for its remarkable healing properties. Around the world, Ammolite is not only worn as personal jewellery, but it is also often used by renowned crystal healers as a personal awakening stone; healers say the stone is intended to connect you with the environment on both a physical and spiritual level.

Ammolite Gem

The ammolite gem is defined by intuitive knowledge, grounding and prosperity, and can be utilized in both jewelry form and/or its raw form. This gemstone has an incredibly rich history and has been used in various countries and cultures throughout the world for its spectacular healing properties. Healers say that Ammolites energy connects to the root chakra, connecting the individual to their body and helping them channel and tune their energies. The stone has strong protective energies and helps guide people through challenges, trauma, sickness and various other life struggles and/or hardships. Through a deep connection with the stone, people have also noted it bringing them prosperity, luck and riches; Ammolite has so many remarkable properties that even healers have a challenging time picking one ideal meaning or property for the stone.

Korite is the number one supplier of Ammolite in the world and has an extraordinary variety of jewelry pieces that will allow you to carry the incredible healing properties of the stone around with you every day. Korite Ammolite jewellery can be dressed up or dressed down because its versatility and a rainbow spectrum are perfect for just about any outfit or setting. With an unbelievable variation of simple, elegant, statement, modern and contemporary pieces, you are guaranteed to find the perfect piece for you.