Designer Gifts For Him & Her Under $600

Freeform Ammolite Gemstone

Finding great gifts can be tricky, so we’ve come up with a carefully curated collection of designer gifts for him and her under $600. From stunning ammolite jewelry to one-of-a-kind pieces of art crafted by Canadian painters, we have handpicked a selection of Canadian luxury gifts that will surely be loved.

Whether you're shopping for your partner, family member, or friend, our collection offers something for everyone. 

Designer Gift Ideas for Him and Her for Any Occasion

Designer Gifts For Him

Midnight Ammolite Ring in Matte Black Titanium from KORITE

This ammolite ring in matte black titanium from KORITE is a bold and luxurious gift for him. Ammolite is a rare gemstone found only in a specific area of Canada and is known for its iridescent and vibrant colours. Each stone is unique, ensuring that your gift will be one-of-a-kind. 

KORITE is an industry-leading Canadian jewellery brand using this rare gemstone to create fantastic, timeless pieces. This ring is handcrafted by skilled artisans and ethically mined, ensuring that you are gifting something thoughtful.

Midnight Ammolite Titanium Ring

Unhurried Belt from Canadian Designer James Coward

If you're looking for a high-quality and stylish gift for him, consider the Unhurried Belt by Canadian designer James Coward. This belt features a tonal stitched 100% English Bridle leather wrap-around pattern that adds a unique and rugged touch to any outfit. 

James Coward is a collaborative project between three friends who aim to reinterpret archetypical shapes, fabrics, and details to create new perceptions of identity and beauty. With a focus on robust material, rigorous construction, and the celebration of regionally specific craftsmanship, the Unhurried belt is a timeless piece that will last forever.

Handheld Freeform Ammolite

The Handheld Freeform ammolite gemstone from KORITE is a meaningful and grounding gift for any occasion. Ethically mined in Canada, many energy healers and Feng Shui masters believe that this gemstone absorbs the knowledge of the universe. 

The spiral pattern on the ammolite mimics the Fibonacci sequence or golden spiral and mimics the path the universe’s forces follow in space. Stored in the inner whorls, energy radiates out in this centrifugal motion for the benefit of those near. Cosmic energy in this form enhances health, wealth and enlightenment.

Freeform Ammolite Gemstone

Designer Gifts For Women

A Sculptural Bowl from Canadian potter, Janaki Larsen

If you're searching for a special gift for her, consider a large sculptural bowl by Canadian potter Janaki Larsen. Each piece is hand-thrown and hand-glazed, ensuring that no two are identical. 

Larsen's ceramic forms are expressive and teeter between functional and dysfunctional, creating a sense of organic beauty. Her minimalist and modern design aesthetic uses delicate lines and simple shapes, resulting in quiet and peaceful pieces. This sculptural bowl will last a lifetime and be cherished for its uniqueness and beauty.

Ammolite Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver

The A grade ammolite stud earrings from the Bloom Collection by KORITE are a playful and affordable luxury gift for her. Inspired by nature's ever-changing and flourishing beauty, these earrings capture the endless shifting colours of our natural world. 

These earrings are stunning, ethically mined and come with a lifetime guarantee, making them a sustainable and responsible purchase. The A grade ammolite stones are set in sterling silver, adding to the elegance and sophistication of the design.

Bloom Ammolite Earrings

A Piece of Art from Calgary Artist Michelle Pocock

If you're looking for a gift that blurs the line between art and affordability while supporting local artists, consider a piece from Calgary artist Michelle Pocock. Pocock paints a variety of abstract art ranging from pieces that are colourful and spirited to pieces that are minimalist and neutral.

On her Etsy shop, you'll find many pieces to choose from in different shapes and sizes, and she offers free shipping to anywhere in Canada or the US. Pocock prepares each painting as ordered using mediums, acrylic paint, mixed media and a protective varnish and offers the option to order custom sizes to personalize your gift for her.

Round Ammolite Pendant in Sterling Silver

The Origins collection by KORITE showcases the stunning beauty of ammolite in pieces that highlight organic textures inspired by the brand's ammonite roots. The round A grade ammolite pendant necklace in sterling silver is a classic gift she can wear daily. 

KORITE takes great care to discover and hand-cut each ammolite gem to maximize the bright colours unique to each stone. Ammolite is believed to awaken positive energy with its joyful beauty and ancient heritage, making it a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

Round Ammolite Pendant Necklace
Our carefully curated collection offers a range of unique and thoughtful gifts that will surely be loved. From timeless ammolite jewelry to sculptural pottery, the collection has something to suit everyone. Each item was built to last, so you can feel good about your purchase while making someone's day a little brighter and supporting Canadian makers.