Canadian Treasures: Men’s Jewelry Gift Guide

Men's Jewellery Gift Guide - from KORITE Ammolite

Top Anniversary Gifts For Him: Men’s Jewelry Gift Guide

Another summer in the books! As the holiday season approaches, or if you are closing in on your anniversary and need to get him a gift – look no further. It is time to curate out top 10 anniversary gifts for him this fall! Featuring of course everyone’s favourite KORITE ammolite jewelry alongside a curation of our other anniversary gifts for him that will actually last! All designed right here in Canada!

1. Gift the men’s Midnight ammolite collection.

As selected by country music star Brett Kissel to wear on the red carpet at this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards where he performed with Nick Lachey and the rest of 98 degrees. The Midnight ammolite pendant is our new fresh and modern take on how to showcase ammolite. The dark titanium makes for a stunning showcase of ammolite, and therefore makes the midnight collection a statement gift for him to help complete a classic Canadian Look.


Brett Kissel CCMA Featuring KORITE Ammolite

Brett Kissel CCMA outfit featuring the KORITE Midnight Ammolite collection Ring, Pendant and Bracelet


Korite Gifts for him | Brett Kissel and 98 Degrees wearing ammolite

Brett Kissel wearing KORITE Ammolite & 98 Degrees ahead of their CCMA Award concert. Photos by @itsdarty

2. Gift A Stylish Wallet from m0851.

Level up his wallet game with a Canadian made long lasting wallet or cardholder from m0851 from Montreal. M0851 is a Montreal-based company that designs and manufactures quality Canadian made leather products anchored in sleek and functional aesthetics. Remember to never gift him a wallet without including a bill or two. Shop their wallets here.


KORITE Top Ten Gifts for him | Wallet

3. Complete the western look with a cowboy hat from Smithbilt Hats.

Looking to emulate Brett’s all black CCMA look? Then look no further than Smithbilt hats to complete the western look by gifting a black felt cowboy hat from Smithbuilt. Creators of fine headwear since 1919 and now one of the local foremost suppliers of cowboy hats in Alberta. They are also Creators of the Calgary “white hat” which is given as a gift to visiting dignitaries as the city’s symbol of hospitality. Making them a great option if your looking to gift him headwear. Shop their assort ment of cowboy hats here.

Top Gifts ideas for him | Hat

4. Gift a stylish service boot from Viberg.

Built in Canada since 1931 the service boot from Viberg has become a staple in men’s luxury since 2008. Using the finest materials and classic manufacturing processes all the footwear coming from the Viberg team can be classified as long-lasting Canadian made treasures. These boots are goodyear welted and offer the finest quality control so with proper care and the occasional resoling they will last a lifetime. Shop them here.

KORITE Top Gifts for Him | Boots

5. Gift him a Canadian made flannel or wool shirt.

Anian is a Canadian manufacturer of apparel which still manufactures all of its clothing as sustainably as possible in Canada. Meaning you get well made and hardwearing flannels, shackets and other perfect gifting items to ensure you dazzle him or her with your next anniversary gift. Shop it here.

KORITE Top Ten Gift Ideas for him | Flannel Shirt

6. Looking for a more subdued look – Gift the KORITE Dusk Collection.

Set in titanium, these lightweight pieces boost a lightweight and trendy way to show off your ammolite – available in a bracelet, signet ring or of course tag pendant shown below. These pieces have become a fast seller since their launch this year – so we just know the Men's Dusk Collection featuring KORITE ammolite will make a great gift for him.

Top Gift Ideas for him | Men's Ammolite Jewelry from the Dusk collection

Men's Anniversary Gift Idea | KORITE Ammolite dusk collection - pendant, ring and bracelet.

7. Help him step up his whiskey game – Gifts for the whiskey lover.

If you are looking to find a gift for the whiskey lover – we have a roundup for you! Other than gifting him a fine single malt for your anniversary, you can expand further. Whiskey stones, and unique glassware are a great choice to level up their whiskey game. Even go as far as gifting him a decanter to showcase his whiskey, bourbon or scotch. Fast becoming a local favourite is MTNPK Glassware all designed after local Canadian mountains – see them here. Top Men's Gift Ideas | Whiskey Glass

8. Gift him a very Canadian game!

No we aren't talking about Hockey! Invented in Canada the game of Crokinole was invented some time before 1867 – and by 1897 it had taken Canada by storm. Lee Valley a Canadian business specializing in tools, woodworking and gardening boasts some of the most iconic Canadian made products – their maple Crokinole board is a wonderous gift to delight him on your next anniversary. Shop it here.

Top Gift Ideas for him | Game

9. Hand Specimens as a gift for him

Gift him a piece of ammolite in one of its most natural forms –Ammolite, the gemstone, is derived from Ammonite and also embodies the same positive energy for those who wear it. The rich colours stimulate creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. Not only does the rare stone bring balance to a person’s body, but also to a person’s surroundings. Making our assortment of Ammolite Hand specimens a great gift this holiday season, or for your next anniversary. 

Gift Ideas for him | Ammolite hand specimen from KORITE

10. The Ultimate ammolite gift for him.

There is nothing that speaks to Canadian Luxury more than a one of a kind ammolite fossil from the KORITE mine – at various budgets and price points, if you are in the market for one of these Canadian treasures shop our assortment of Canadian ammonite fossils online, of if you have a budget in mind get in touch with the KORITE team to discuss your fossil needs – be it for you or as a gift.

KORTIE Ammolite Gift Ideas for him | Canadian Ammonite

 Canadian Ammonite Fossil ethically mined in Alberta, Canada. The Ultimate Gift Idea for him.