Ammolite Gemstone, as Precious as a Mother’s Love

When you think of love, fertility, knowledge and growth, you often think “Mom”. If you could harness a mother’s goodness within a stone, you would have the Ammolite gemstone. Mother earth has presented this beautiful stone to connect you to creation.

Encapsulated within the Ammolite gemstone are positive energies that enhance your inner Qi (pronounced chi) and guide you through life, just as a mother would. Its many traits are recognized by experts in the feng shui field.

What can the Ammolite gemstone do for you? 

Now extinct marine mollusks, fossilized forever in the multicoloured gemstones, have a way of reminding you of your own beginnings. As a child, your mother gave you a sense of peace and balance allowing you to venture down your own path. Your mother still provides protection and wisdom as she continues to instill solid values within you. Ammonites encouraging traits mimic the ones your mother guided you with. This empowerment helps you achieve personal growth.

When you wear an Ammolite gemstone, intuition heightens and a sense of grounding intensifies within you. Just as a mother protects her child, the stone’s ability to calm and guide you, bring you peace. Have you ever thought about the connection between a mother and child? Maternal bonds form at birth and develop rich meaning over time. This strong sense of love and family support your emotional growth.

Ammolite gemstones have been used for many years to heal mind, body and spirit. Healing benefits of the stone range from sterility to the treatment of depression. By lifting your spirits and releasing anxiety, connection to your inner Qi helps you grow. Protective qualities of Ammolite also provide the wearer with good luck, health and power.

Ancient civilizations cherished the Ammolite for its meditative properties. It is said to assist in fulfilling prophecies through dreams. The range of colours displayed throughout each rare stone is captivating to the eye and meaningful to the spirit. Reds, oranges, and yellows guide you with love, creativity and balance. Greens, blues and purples help with intellect, knowledge and authority. The Ammolite is home to your spiritual grounding.

Home is the place where you feel most at peace. It’s the place where your mother raised you, loved you and guided you. Ammolite makes you feel at home. Millions of years in the making, Ammolite gemstones are as rare as your own mother and just as precious.

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