3 Ways to Get a Stuck Ring Off Your Finger

Three Ammolite RingsWe all know the frustration of getting a ring stuck on our finger. Whether it is a new ring that is just too small or an older ring that is stuck due to swelling from arthritis, or fluid retention, having a ring that won’t come off is often uncomfortable and even painful.

When it comes to removal, twisting and pulling on the ring is often our first instinct however it rarely works. That's why we've put together this guide to help you learn some effective ways to get a stuck ring off your finger. Whether it's a precious ammolite heirloom or just a favourite accessory, these three methods can help you safely and easily remove any stubborn ring. 

3 Ways How to Remove a Ring That Is Stuck on Your Finger

1. Ice and Elevation

The first step to safely remove a stuck ring from your finger is to try to reduce any swelling. One effective method is to place ice around the ring and finger while elevating the hand overhead for 5-10 minutes. It's important not to exceed 15 minutes of ice application, as this can lead to frostbite.

The ice will cause your blood vessels to constrict while raising the hand above the heart assists in keeping the blood flow out of the finger both of which are known to decrease swelling. After the cooling period, gently compress your finger above the ring and slowly twist it off. 

If it still doesn't budge, wait another 15 minutes and repeat the process prior to adding lubrication as mentioned below. 

2. Lubrication

Applying lubricants such as hand lotion, baby oil, coconut oil, butter, or petroleum jelly on your finger can make a stuck ring easier to remove. Concentrate the lubricant around the knuckle, and then try gently twisting it off. It's important to use the lubricant sparingly and only around the knuckle as getting the grease on the ring will make it difficult to grasp.

3. Wrapping

If the above two methods fail, you can try to compress the finger by wrapping a thin ribbon, thread, or piece of dental floss around it and following the steps below to remove the ring. 

Step 1: Cut a long piece (at least 12 inches) of string and slip a couple of inch section underneath your ring towards your wrist. Leave the longer section above the ring, towards the tip of your finger.

Step 2: Wrap the string tightly around your finger, starting at the top of the ring and passing the knuckle. 

Step 3: Gently pull the string that you left closest to your wrist and begin to unwind the string from the bottom, unravelling upwards towards the tip of your finger. The string should pull the ring up over your compressed knuckly as you unravel it.

Prevent Your Rings From Getting Stuck

With the popularity of online shopping, purchasing rings online has become more and more popular. If you’re looking to purchase a ring online, refer to our post on measuring your ring size to avoid getting your ring stuck in the first place. 

If you order an Ammolite ring from KORITE that feels too small, don’t force it. We offer easy exchanges on all regular-priced ammolite jewellery purchases that are returned within 30 days of the shipment date in their original condition.