Origins Sterling Silver Round Ammolite Earring and Ring Gift Set

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The Origins collection features bold Ammolite showpieces highlighting organic textures inspired by our ammonite roots.

  • A grade Ammolite
  • 12mm round Ammolite chain link earrings
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Charm dimensions: 16.3mm x 16.25mm
  • Earring length: 4cm
  • 16.5mm round Ammolite ring
  • Ring Dimension: 18.6mm x 18.6mm.

AA Grade ammolite shown (earrings) and A grade shown (Ring)

Style Number: I-SE2189 and I-SR2310

Caring for your Ammolite 

Like all gemstones, Ammolite should be treated with care and attention.

-Avoid exposure to direct heat.
-Do not over-expose to water.
-Avoid hard impact to the stone
-Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners
-Use a soft, none-abrasive cloth to clean your Ammolite jewellery.

    Ammolite Grades

    -Standard grade stones will display 1-2 colours and can often include matrix lines.

    -A grade stones will display 2 or more colours in brighter tones than standard.

    -AA grade stones will display 3 or more bright colours.

    -AAA grade stone will display 3 or more vibrant colours from any angle.

    KORITE's Ammolite Jewellery Guarantee

    Korite provides a Lifetime Guarantee on all jewellery with proof of purchase from a Korite Authorized Dealer or, on our website, against defects in every Ammolite gem.

    If, after inspection, we find that your Korite Ammolite Jewellery was defective in material or workmanship, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our discretion. 

    Learn More About KORITE'S Jewellery Guarantee.

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