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Explore the exclusive Korite Ammolite line of 14K and 18K yellow and white gold jewellery, featuring sparkling finishes and illustrious genuine Ammolite gems.

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A truely unique gem

Grace, elegance, and luxurious, best describe the Gold Collection from Korite.

Delicate dignified designs that are fashionable and dazzling. This captivating collection adds that finishing touch to any wardrobe for that distinguished customer that wants something truly different.

The Korite Ammolite Gold Collection features precious, genuine Ammolite gems wrapped in decadent 14K and 18K yellow and white gold. Each piece has its own unique character, set with a vibrant Korite Ammolite gem and fine diamonds.

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Set with vibrant Ammolite gems and fine diamonds in 14K and 18K yellow and white gold, creating timeless jewellery to be passed down through the generations is at the heart of our Korite Ammolite Gold Collection.

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In a variety of shapes and styles that highlight both a demure and bold aspect, the Korite Ammolite Gold Earrings Collection marries the evocative attraction of 14K and 18K yellow and white gold with the unique colour and rarity of genuine Ammolite.

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Blazing with strength and the earth’s endless energies, Ammolite cannot help but draw attention, and when paired with the luster of gold, the Korite Ammolite 14K & 18K Gold Pendant Jewellery Collection is simply unmatched.

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The Korite Ammolite Gold Men’s and Women’s Ring Collection captivates with striking 14K & 18K white and yellow gold, tempered by the heady seduction of genuine Ammolite.

The Power of Colour

Korite Ammolite

KORITE ammonite is revered by feng shui masters as the most influential stone of the Millennium.

KORITE ammonite is a 71-million-year-old fossil, a perfect combination of heat and pressure to create a geological wonder. Many feng shui experts believe the stone has absorbed a substantial amount of the earth’s and the universe’s positive cosmic energy, an energy also known as qi (ch-ee), that can be found in the multitude of colours in ammonite. One form of qi is light energy. Our brain interprets light energy as colour, so these colours are specific wavelengths of energy that can be used to balance our lives.

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